Limitless, Gen Fabro!

To be young is to be wild and free, as they would say; but not for Gen Fabro. He redefined being young as he moved the boundaries to being limitless when he entered the world of business at a young age and dominated the industry.

Gen Fabro is the Chief Executive Officer of Flava, the Philippines’ top vape brand. It holds a strong proposition in the market through its consistent effort in innovating and spearheading developments in the industry. This young man stands on a solid ground in this field, proving that he is indeed limitless.

Young GENeral of the Game

At the age of 25, Gen entered the ever-demanding field of business. And in a seasoned men-dominated industry, Gen seemed to be considered a rookie that would not set threats against whose names were already big at that time. Little did they know, Gen is set to bring significant changes in the business. Although others might have seen his age as his weakness, being young became his edge to introduce fresh ideas to the market, strive, and become the general commanding the game of vape.

His business venture was especially challenging, considering that Flava was established in 2021. It was during the peak of pandemic; restricted movements and limited businesses were significant parts of the ‘new normal’. But Flava, through Gen as its CEO and real-life partner and the brand’s COO Lilac Tayaban, led the vape industry. It marked a name and unique experience for the community and became the number one brand in the country.

Nakaka-challenge siya dahil kailangan mong mag-isip lagi ng bago, pero nakaka-proud siya dahil sobrang sikat brand. Kahit sino ‘yong makasalubong mo, naka-Flava —’yong mga sikat na influencers tapos Flava ang ginagamit.

Gen Fabro said while comparing their beginning and present status.

Although deemed online to have a branding that brags, Gen Fabro and Flava have all the capacity to do so. More than being plainly vain, their presence speaks volume of their power and the truth on their dominance in the Philippine vaping industry. His great command of the business attests him being the young general of his own game.

Limitless Strategist of the Market

Through his future-forward thinking along with his partner, Flava continues to introduce advancements in the vaping experiences of its users. Gen remains at the top, and leads the competition in the market. Moreover, his strategies uphold excellence, that many existing and growing vape businesses follow.

Some of the marketing strategies that were out of his initiatives include press kits, authentic endorsements from social media personalities, and free signages. Despite its prevalence in the industry today, the brand’s performance attests that nothing tops the original. And in this game, the competiton remains between Flava and itself alone.

Sarili lang namin [ang] kalaban namin kasi wala kaming competitor talagang maituturing.

Gen Fabro on their potential competition within the industry.

And true to his perception of the competition, Flava, in collaboration with Hyperbar recently launched a product that upholds the brand’s goal for innovation and futuristic developments. They introduced Flava Hyberbar XTRE 10,000 that highlights technologically advanced features to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Furthermore, this latest model is said to be the world’s first vape with smart screen, dual mesh coil, and with the biggest capacity. Truly, Gen knows no limit in strategies and in envisioning success.

Gen in the Eyes of Lilac (Love at 1st Puff)

Of all the spectators that recognize Gen Fabro and his attitude towards business as vain, one knows him beyond what others see. Gen is a different man in the eyes of his business and real-life partner, Lilac. She saw her Gen in all the sleepless nights to prepare Flava, in all the rigid process of establishing its name, and in all the pathways they both took to be where they are today.

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He’s very good with business ideas. Hindi siya nauubusan, hindi siya nagpapatalo. Talagang lagi siyang may bala at lagi siyang lumalaban. Ang galing niyang makipag-negotiate. Ang dami niyang ideas.

Lilac Tayaban defines her partner Gen.

Sobrang hardworking din naman niya in terms of business ideas, talagang nag-iisip siya for the future, hindi lang for today.

She added.

And to officially mark their partnership for life, Gen Fabro planned the biggest surprise on the biggest night of Flava. Through his accomplice, Richie De Quina, CEO of Red Entertainment, the couple went to the stage right before the evening toast. Richie, then told the guests to participate in a game.

The “game” began with participants focusing their phone cameras on screen, where the “mechanics” will be shown. Caught in confusion, Lilac kept on looking at Gen while on stage. Then, a video played with a sweet and romantic music with the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. Pandemonium erupted as everybody began to shout and cried at sight of the soon to be married couple.

Lilac, in lack of uncertainty of what really was happening, just looked at the screen. She got a hold of things when Gen Fabro kneeled and took out the ring. Everybody cheered even more. Gen got the sweetest yes of Lilac, proving how she saw him all through the years of being together in business and in life.

True to the saying “even the tiniest dust could hurt the eye,” even the rookies of business could dominate the industry. They are indeed young in age, wild in ideas, and free from boundaries, all proven by the young and limitless Gen Fabro.

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