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The stars of #MyDay share the importance of BL series in this generation

The stars of #MyDay share the importance of BL series in this generation

Newbie actors Miko Gallardo and Iñaki Torres are the lead stars in the Boys’ Love (BL) series #MyDay, produced by Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation Incorporated (PEPPS) in collaboration with Oxin Films. This project marks as one of the first full-length series that will offer deeper appreciation of this new genre.

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Pinoy BL fanbase has been growing by the day as people in quarantine continue to scour online for new material to keep themselves busy at home. We’ve always been home to some good LGBT materials such as My Husband’s Lover, Destiny Rose, and Die Beautiful / Born Beautiful, which all attracted different kinds of market here, be it gay, straight, or even elders!

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#MyDay follows the heartwarming and colorful story of a young intern named Sky, where he goes to a multi-million dollar company called Ace of Cakes and meets the owner’s son Ace. From there, the two begin to develop a fondness with each other that will soon blossom romantically.

This series also tackles filial and culturale. It goes beyond just a story of two men falling in love. It highlights the love of a family, the longing for acceptance, and the value of self-love.

The Rise of Filipino BL Series

In an exclusive interview with Village Pipol, Miko and Iñaki shared that producing more shows like this is vital for the younger generations, for them to be more inclusive and accepting.

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Miko shares, “I think it’s pretty important for the young generation to accept that love is love. It has no gender, it has no social status. When they get older, they will fall in love and they just need to be open and not judge anyone for having different sexual orientations.”

He is very proud of their work and describes it as a very unique series, with a whole different vibe, “like it’s fantasy, much like Disney movies, I think it’s pretty cool and charming that people will be interested in seeing it.”

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As for Iñaki, the series paved the way for him to have a better grasp of the community.

“This series enlightened me a lot about LGBT and how important it is to be understood, to be accepted and to love one’s self. This series brings out that awareness to my generation that being gay or queer or just being different doesn’t make a person less of what he is. That everyone has the freedom to choose the way they want to live their lives, to choose the person they want to love, and to choose what makes them happy.”

He also shared how he prepared for the role by research and binging himself to similar content, “I wanted to ensure I understood well the character I will be portraying. I watched a lot of movies with a similar character to that of Ace, how a spoiled brat would act, talk, think. I also went through an extensive acting workshop with Coach Mel.”

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Iñaki mentioned how helpful it was to train himself before actually going to the set as he was able to deliver the drama and crying scenes with ease. Beyond the acting, he valued the lessons in accepting your mistakes and learning from them, blending in with your fellow artists, working well with the director, producers and staff.

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Furthermore, he hopes this series could help break barriers, stereotypes, and misconceptions about the LGBT community and promote more acceptance and more love.

Love is love, of course.

When asked about their characters, the two attempted to define love as Sky and Ace will.

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Iñaki reveals that for someone like Ace who has almost everything in life, love knows no boundaries, “He is looking for the kind of love that is true and will make him realize what he truly wants in life beyond the material things. For Ace, that is the kind of love worth fighting for, the love he is willing to give up his family and everything he has.”

On the other hand, Miko knows that Sky has a simple view of love, and it’s: “Love is acceptance.”

Aside from Miko and Iñaki, several other rising artists are also part of the #MyDay, namely Darrel Castillo, Shanice Eve, Frost Sandoval, Kristel Galang, Jamil Bonifacio, Red Mendoza, Leilani Kate Yalung and Juan Alcala.


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Designer Clothes | TIAMSEY by Cathleen Ann Tiamson

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