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The HUAWEI P50 may have SLR-like interchangeable lenses

The HUAWEI P50 may have SLR-like interchangeable lenses


HUAWEI’s P series of smartphones are famous for having one of the best, if not the best cameras around. The tech giant thinks that there’s always room for improvement even when it feels like they already achieved the best. Because of that, the company patents a design with interchangeable lenses that we may see on next year’s P50 series.

A phone like a professional camera

At this time, it is possible that the HUAWEI P50 series could already be in development. General Manager of the P series product line, Wang Yonggang, reveals that the timeframe from development to launch takes at least 18 months. Assuming the P series will launch around March next year, these devices could already be in the works. The executive said that the R&D team meets a year before the launch and discusses innovative technologies that will come to the next series of the smartphone.

An information about the patent was found in the database of the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (European Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO). It could be too early to discuss the specifics of the design. But it seems that the device could focus on photography, just like the company’s P series. It seems that the interchangeable lenses will be attached to the block of two modules at the top based on the image above.

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Aside from the camera, we could also expect the P50 series to be powered by Kirin 1000. This SoC may debut may debut this year on the Mate40 series.

Today, the HUAWEI P40 Pro holds the crown as the camera king. With a score of 128 on DxOMark mobile, this phone is generations ahead of the competition.

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