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Styling one blazer dress in five different ways for office Christmas parties!

Styling one blazer dress in five different ways for office Christmas parties!

A sleek and simple blazer dress is the perfect outfit for an office Christmas party. Preparing for an office Christmas party feels nerve-wracking. You have to dress to the nines as it has become the perfect time to flex yourself in front of your workmates. So, going for a professional party look with a blazer dress is definitely the best idea for an office Christmas party attire.

So, let me give you five different ways you can style a black double-breasted blazer dress. 

the unorthodox fashionista

Cowboy boots have wavered on and off of the shopping lists for the past few years. And, as an unorthodox office fashionista, you can wear a pair of gold cowboy boots with the blazer dress. Then, accessorize with a gold necklace, charm bracelet, watch, and hoop earrings, and complete it with a black leather purse with gold embellishments. 

as an office baddie

Every workplace has an office baddie. And, a pair of knee-high platform boots may be the ultimate must-have for every baddie. Complete the blazer dress outfit with silver hoop earrings, a watch, a necklace, and a black leather bag with silver embellishments. Then, add a pair of sunglasses over your head and you’re the perfect office baddie for this Christmas party. 

the office sweetheart

Nothing else screams sweetheart than an almost all-pink outfit. So, pair your black blazer dress with pink Mary Jane platforms, and a similarly-hued purse, and put sunglasses over your head. Then, complete your outfit with gold accessories. You’ll be the best office sweetheart for the office Christmas party. 

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as a laid-back cutie

Being laid-back doesn’t mean you don’t need to dress up anymore. You can still be cute if you want with minimal accessories. You can pair your blazer dress with black kitten heels and a small baguette bag for functional reasons. Then, complete the entire outfit with a pair of gold hoop earrings. 

the big boss

As the big boss, wear your blazer dress with a pair of silver platforms. Then, complete the outfit with a rhinestone collar and a similarly-styled bangle. Complete the outfit with a pair of dangling diamond earrings. Of course, you need to remind people that you’re the big boss with a rhinestone purse. 

It’s not too revealing and modest enough for you to wear in front of your workmates. So, a blazer dress is definitely perfect for your office Christmas party.

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