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Styling a black maxi skirt in five different ways

Styling a black maxi skirt in five different ways

In a much earlier article, I mentioned how I am trying to master my personal fashion style. So, recently, I’ve been scrolling through Vogue UK for fashion inspiration. They named tons of new trends for 2023. These include silver pieces of clothing, cool suits, and even the comeback of black leggings. But, this time, Alice Cary’s article caught my attention revolving around 2023 being the year of the maxi skirt. 

She listed down different kinds of maxi skirts that graced different designers’ runways. So, taking that article as an inspiration, I realized that Filipinos don’t typically wear maxi skirts unless it’s for a special occasion or they want to look fancier than usual. Following Cary’s account of why people should wear a pair, I decided that maybe I could help out Filipino fashion enthusiasts to agree with her sentiment.

With that said, let’s style a black maxi skirt in five different ways!

The item in question is a contemporary one that sits high at the waist and falls to a straight maxi hemline. Conveniently, I grabbed a random one in the color black. That way, it can be paired perfectly with any piece of clothing of different colors. Whether it’s a pastel hue or a vivid shade, it will look effortlessly cool with anything. The maxi skirt is also made from a blend of silk with plenty of elasticity for comfort. It’s not only stylish but comfortable, too. 

for the office baddie

An office baddie is the modern-day Elle Woods. I’ve always thought of that and loved styling shades of pink for officewear. So, a fuschia knitted mock-neck top would be perfect for this outfit. Then, a cropped blazer would elongate your body and accentuate your waistline even when wearing a maxi skirt. Then, to top it all off, you can add a pair of Barbie-like block heels and accessories in the hues of black, pink, and gold to elevate the outfit even more. 

the trendy schoolgirl

Going to school sometimes can feel like a fashion show. So, going for a trendy look can be an option for the outfit you can wear. Grab a colorful cropped sweater vest. The sweater vest in the photo below has three colors on it — vivid orange, lavender, and sage green. So, I used those colors for other pieces of garments like the sage green mini cardigan, lavender purse, orange sunnies, and a pair of orange chiffon sheer socks. Then, complete it all with a pair of platform loafers. 

an elegant brunch with the gals

I always equate elegance with different shades of blue. But, to contrast the darkness of the skirt, I chose pastel blue to complete the outfit for an elegant brunch. A corset top with a V-shaped waistline gives an illusion of a smaller waist. Then, accessorize with similarly-hued accessories like sunglasses, purses, and strappy heels. Of course, complete it with either gold or silver accessories that match the hardware on the pieces of clothing. 

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the alt beauty

The alt aesthetic is an umbrella term that describes anything that sits outside of the mainstream. This could include punk, grunge, and emo among others. The aesthetic, personally, is eclectic and challenging. However, it’s difficult to define this subculture in one line, considering the spectrum of aesthetics associated with it. So, maintaining the dark hues in the outfit would go well with this aesthetic.

An oversized black and white sweater can be tucked in at the waist of the maxi skirt. Then, any alt beauty can accessorize the way they want. But, usually, I find silver and black accessories that would be perfect for this outfit. Of course, we can’t forget crocheted floral tote bags over their shoulder, a pair of headphones over their heads, and patterned socks underneath a pair of Dr. Martens lace-up loafers. 

a fancy date night with the beau

Fancy date nights don’t always come for me. But when it does, I would love to dress up to the nines. So, I would wear a cropped long-sleeved top and fold the sleeves up to my elbows. Then, I would add an underbust corset with chains over it to accentuate my waist even more. Then, I would wear silver accessories to match the hardware on the corset. Aside from that, I would also wear a black purse with chains similar to the ones in the other pieces of the outfit. I would dress it up with a pair of black heels to elevate its entirety.

How about you? Do you agree that 2023 is the year of the maxi skirt? Let us know in the comments section below!

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