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Margaret Zhang’s IG-Worthy Outfits

Margaret Zhang’s IG-Worthy Outfits

It is not Instagram if it’s not about the glam. The virtual platform encapsulates everything from scenic photos, fabulous travel vacations, dolled-up selfies, and trendy outfits. Margaret Zhang casually delivered all of these.

Speaking of which, Margaret Zhang is one of the few that justifies the glam on Instagram. Her involvement in fashion is enough as a proof. The model, fashion blogger, creative director, writer, stylist, and photographer managed to earn a post in a fashion magazine. As a matter of fact, Margaret Zhang is hailed as the youngest Editor-in-Chief for Vogue China. Simply put, her life revolves around fashion.

Alongside her feats, what’s also worth celebrating is her own sense of style. She mastered the art of layering which she owned as her signature look. Her personal account on IG with her OOTDs is a testament to prove this point.

Wear it differently

It’s okay to be a rule breaker, style-wise speaking. And, Margaret Zhang fully understands this statement. She introduced the eccentric way of wearing her blue cotton button-down shirt in a reversed manner.

Suit up

Tired of wearing suits the usual way? Then wear suits in a fresh way by opting for something different by donning a longer blazer with flared pants. She also added sexiness to the look by wearing a leather bralette over white shirt.


Aside from being unusual, nonconforming and layering are also style-tips credited to Margaret Zhang. She finds denim off-shoulders and mini skirt as a perfect layering piece. She gave it some contrast and volume by wearing a silk nude top with flared pants.

Blinding shine

If you wanted to stand out from the crowd, then do it in a gleaming way. Margaret Zhang definitely stood out by sporting a silver metallic trousers. Her bottoms became the main highlight as she put on a black shirt and corset top.

We can all agree that fashion is not just putting some clothes on. Thus, fashion is an expression. Additionally, it is an outlet to let our creativity shine, like Margaret Zhang did. Enjoyed this article? Then browse more thru this link.

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