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Stop doing these outfit mistakes that make you look older

Stop doing these outfit mistakes that make you look older

When we were younger, we receive fashion advice from our moms, aunts, and grandmas. They told us that all-black outfits flatter our bodies, and a certain shirt makes our shoulders look wide. And, the list goes on… Some of those advice probably stuck around a little too long. Not only can some of the style habits kept us in a shell of a completely un-fun comfort zone. However, it can lead us to a closet full of clothes that make us look older –  which I’m confident enough is not any of your goals.

So, I suggest you stop doing these outfit mistakes that make you look older

Wear one or two trendy pieces at a time. 

Don’t pair too many trends together at once. You would think that trendy pieces would make you look youthful and in-the-know. However, nothing can make the reverse look more true than trying to pair too many super-trendy items together at once. Deciding which trends to invest in can be overwhelming. But, I do encourage you to invest in trends that remain long-lasting. Not only will you make more use out of it. But, wearing these things will feel natural to your style. Mix them with classic go-to items and you’ll have a perfect outfit.

Make the most of color.

Sure, wearing an all-black ensemble is definitely chic and classic. But, you’re young! Wear some color! You don’t need to wear bright hues all the time if it doesn’t feel natural to you. In fact, if you’re totally color-averse, mixing neutrals that aren’t black can do wonders. Try mixing in some colored pieces that you already know you feel confident in. Aside from a flattering outfit, it will brighten your overall mood.

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Clean out your closet once in a while.

I can be the queen of keeping things in my closet for far longer than their expiration date. However, wearing clothes just don’t fit right never looks flattering. No matter how much you like concept of the piece itself. It’s too small or it’s too big – it’s a one-way street to looking frumpy and it will make you feel self conscious. Of course, this would include tops, bottoms, and underwear.

Keep it cute and comfy!

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