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4 Ways To Find Out If A Fashion Trend Is Worth Investing In

4 Ways To Find Out If A Fashion Trend Is Worth Investing In

According to Gucci, clothes should last longer than just a season. And, as an enthusiast, I agree. Your closets shouldn’t be packed with fashion trends that would come and ultimately, go. You can look sexy, trendy, and chic wearing timeless pieces. Aside from being ethical with your style choices, unchanging and eternal looks will surely not damage the space of your wardrobe.

4 Ways To Find Out If A Fashion Trend Is Worth Investing In

A trend will explode one moment and sure, there won’t be any sign of it slowing. However, it will be a real no-no sooner than you think. Sometimes, it would be an Instagram-friendly aesthetic that aids a momentum. But, its practicality would ruin it, fizzling out quicker than others. There would be a celebrity-encouraged trend that would drive an item’s popularity. Still, it could hasten within the cycle where it would vanish and see it return after a few decades with such veracity.

Gigi Hadid in DG | Monochrome

Questions you have to ask yourself when investing in a fashion trend: 

# 1 | Will this trend live long?

Ask yourself, “Would I have liked this five years ago? Would I have liked this five years from now?” 

Selena Gomez in Free People | Cardigan

# 2 | Will this be easy to style? 

Ask yourself, “Do I have items in my closet that could easily match and correspond with this new piece? Can I easily think of five different outfits where this new piece would work?”

Taylor Swift in Gucci | Blazer

# 3 | Will this be practical and comfortable?

Ask yourself, “Will this jacket keep me warm? Is the fabric itchy? Does this dress ride up when I walk? Are these shoes good to walk in for long hours? How will it fit if I lose or gain weight?”

Hailey Bieber in Kure | Menswear

# 4 | Will this be sustainable?

Ask yourself, “Is this piece ethical? Did this come from an eco-friendly brand? How long will this item last? How are the stitching and the thickness of the fabric?”

Laura Harrier in Cinemagia | Statement Jewelry

If you answered ‘yes’ in every question, you would treasure that item for years to come. 


A few timeless and eternal pieces and looks – plus tips to style them:

Monochromatic outfit

You don’t necessarily have to pair pieces that have the exact same shade. Using lighter and darker shades of a single color would be best used to create a monochromatic outfit. Caution against selecting colors that clash against your skin tone or hair color as it would amplify the bad choice. It could either wash out your face if you’re pale or make you look very pasty if you’re tan.


This is probably the best and coziest grandma trend of all time. It could be a chunky cable knit or a sweet knit with floral embroidery and appliqués. Cardigans will forever be a fashion girl favorite offering endless styling possibilities. You could pair with a similarly hued skirt, a pair of jeans, or a dress underneath. Serving chic and practical layering piece, it makes a natural staple for every season.

Bela Hadid in Vivienne Westwood | Cardigan

Trench coat

This gives every wearer an air of elegance and class. Sure, this may not be practical to wear in tropical countries. However, this remains a timeless design that has stood the test of time. This looks great styled with anything underneath – a shirt and a pair of jeans, a classy dress, or even a mini skirt. You can use it in a casual way, officewear, or even during a formal event.

Meghan Markle in Burberry | Trench Coat


Styling a blazer is one of the easiest things to do. It remains a timeless piece that you can always grab whenever to go wherever. Go for darker colored oversized blazers. That way, if you grow larger or shrink a bit smaller, it wouldn’t even matter. If you want a splash of pattern, go for eternally modern and cool-looking ones like checks, houndstooth, or pinstripes.

Yara Shahidi in Aritzia | Blazer


Oversized boyfriend shirts with a femme fatale twist is always a must. You can pair a large oversized shirt with biker shorts or mini-skirt or sometimes with nothing at all. Slip on a pair of chunky sneakers or a pair of boots. The juxtaposition of the shirt’s masculinity with the shorts or skirt’s femininity makes the whole outfit. The contrast of little and sexy with big and powerful silhouette remains unbeatable.

Zendaya in Seen Users | Menswear

Statement Jewelry

Eye-catching jewelry is always hot. It gives an instant glam factor. Statement jewelry also remains a truly valued ally in elevating any outfits from simple to simple and luxurious.

Ashley aka Best Dressed in En Route | Statement Jewelry

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