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‘Slay-Safe’ with self-defense keychains

‘Slay-Safe’ with self-defense keychains

Self-defense keychains look cute and cool. And, currently, they slowly enter our shopping carts and our bags. A lot of people have started to get them and it’s not just for aesthetic purposes. It’s for safety and assurance. With the increasing possibility of random attacks and harassment, we have to stay safe and self-defense keychains have become a way to go.

‘Slay-Safe’ with self-defense keychains

Self-defense keychains are basically a set of items used to defend ourselves in any case of assault. This part includes either knuckles, pepper spray, secret blades, or kubaton. Tasers or stun guns are also included in sets because it is very effective and easy to use. Don’t try it on your friends, though, the electric current is real!

Some keychains also include alarm kits and flashlights in case of other emergencies. And of course, the very keychains and accessories that usually decide the motif of your set. There can be pompoms, holders for lip gloss or sanitizer, and any other that you wish to add and carry.

The style is either what the seller sells or the customer will be the one to pick. It can be hand straps or long lace straps with different keychains or those designed as bracelets. You have the freedom to choose the colors and inclusions as long as the shop offers them!

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There are also many other shops online but these three are the ones that already have a number of buyers and a large amount of audience. Feel free to explore more as you wish! Society becomes scarier with each passing day. Anyone from anywhere can either be a victim or they are a villain.

Self-defense keychains exist not because of aesthetics but for the purpose of the owner to feel safe and they will keep it that way. Be sure that once you purchase something like this, the goal is to protect, not to attack or to cause any unnecessary harm. 

Slay and stay safe!

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