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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cinephile

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cinephile

Cinephiles are not only film enthusiasts and buff movie-goers, they also give love pretty well too! Here are the top 5 reasons why we should all date one.

5. Cinephiles never forget about anything!

Just as we thought that cinephiles are forgetful because of how many films they watch, their memories are quite dependable! One of the reasons to date a movie buff is that they won’t ever forget our birthdays and anniversaries with that memory for sure.

How do think they memorized by heart the bible quote Ezekiel 25:17 from Pulp Fiction?

4. Cinephiles know which type of movie to watch with you!

Come on, of course, they know which movie to watch! This definitely becomes one of the reasons. From rom-com to psychological thriller movies, they know what you’ll love. Maybe because of how many movies they have watched, they most likely have an entire list of movies they want to watch you!

Find yourself a cinephile and you will surely be up for some serious movie-cation.

3. Cinephiles know which movie theaters have the best service!

Worry no more because you’ll definitely be watching in a cozy theater with your cinephile significant other! One of the reasons why date a film geek is that they know which movie theater has the best service.

Do they know which movie theater has the great seats and the best sound system, and the best of it all? Cinephiles know which movie snack is excellent for munching over every types of film! You’re watching a horror movie? Popcorn. You’re watching an action movie? French fries are the best!

2. Cinephiles never run out of topics to talk about!

Are you bored and need someone to talk to? Find yourself a cinephile and you’ll have the perfect chismis buddy! One of the reasons why we have to date them is that they never run out of topics to talk about.

Aside from being into films, of course, they also follow the best actors in town. They know all about celebrity dramas and you would have an awful lot of time catching up.

1. Cinephiles are romantics at heart!

Cinephiles don’t study films just because! They learn from these films, and they will definitely use a trick or two once you date them.

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The biggest reason why we need to date a cinephile is that they are all romantic!

We will all feel the kilig with their romantic gestures just as we felt for this scene from Love Hard!

What about you? What do you think about cinephiles? Share it with us!

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