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Reimagine the world of gaming through FLEEK Wolf Howl 1.0

Reimagine the world of gaming through FLEEK Wolf Howl 1.0

FLEEK Wolf Howl 1.0 in red background

Free up some time this season and play video games with FLEEK Wolf Howl 1.0 Gaming Headset. Arriving just in time for the holidays, using it elevates your gaming experience with features and qualities custom-made for your needs.

FLEEK, as a lifestyle technology brand, strives to make your life simple and personalized. The release of Wolf Howl 1.0 also aligns with their vision to bring family and friends together through the power of technology.

Wolf Howl 1.0 Features

Design and Comfortability

The gear is designed for long-time wear with its comfortable earpads. Both as a student and as someone who enjoys entertainment, headsets serve as my lifeline. I use it everywhere – studies, music, gaming, movies, and calls, to name some. For a week now, I’ve been wearing FLEEK Wolf Howl 1.0 for several hours a day and it doesn’t bring discomfort. Moreover, you can also adjust it easily to fit your head and you can control the volume by moving a rollable button on the left side of the ear. 

FLEEK offers Wolf Howl 1.0 in two colors: Plain Black and Black & White. Aesthetic-wise, its plain look serves its purpose. I personally love how it looks on me visually when I’m wearing it.

PC, Laptop, and Game Consoles Compatibility

Input and Output Wiring of the Headset

Advertised as a gaming headset, Wolf Howl 1.0 is compatible with PC, Laptops, and Game Consoles. When I tested it on my laptop, I had to use a U-type 2-in-1 audio splitter because I only have one jack available. Both its input and output qualities work well. I also played a few YouTube videos and some Animal Crossing: New Horizons on a Nintendo Switch and the headset maintained its superb sound quality.

Deep Bass

Featuring Fleek logo

Losing yourself in music by turning on the volume feels satisfying. Wearing a headset that reproduces the rhythmic thumps of a deep bass further enhances the experience. Wolf Howl 1.0 boasts a driver diameter of Ø40mm and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. This is equivalent to a full-range response. Having these features made the gamer and music lover in me happy and content. 

Quality Microphone

Fleek Wolf Howl 1.0 Headset

Presumptively, the reason why you’re looking for headsets is that you aim to own a pair of headphones and a microphone in one product. Wolf Howl 1.0 gives you the best of both worlds through its input and output quality. Playing games that need communication or calling a friend becomes easier and better. What’s more, is that the brand features a 360° mic rotation. This gave me the option to put it up whenever I no longer need to use the microphone.

Wolf Howl 1.0 Activity Test


In first-person shooting games like Valorant and Overwatch 2, wearing a headset is important for two reasons. One, the left and right sides make all the difference because it tells you where the footsteps are coming from, hence, revealing enemy positions. Two, having a microphone allows you to communicate in-game information. For a better gaming experience, whether it’s for fun or competitive reasons, investing in a quality headset is a game-changer. 

See Also

I played a few games of unrated during my free time while wearing Wolf Howl 1.0. My experience heightened because the in-game SFX is clearer than ever. With the help of a headset of this caliber, it’s easy to differentiate where the enemies are coming from because the L and R sounds are pronounced. During my unrated matches, my friends also complimented my microphone quality, allowing us to voice chat and have fun while playing.


Fleek Wolf Howl 1.0 and Paramore's This is Why

I went wild and listened to songs from different genres on Spotify. Classical, country, folk, pop, rock, R&B, indie – you name it. I also tried listening to songs with 4k quality. Even as I currently write, I’m listening to Eraserheads hits and all I can say is that it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sound and music quality. Wolf Howl 1.0’s deep bass feature, especially, allows me to enjoy the beats and thumps. These are sounds that you don’t usually get to hear with other headset brands. 

Video Streams

Chainsaw Man

Whether it’s for spending some me time or with my loved ones, I appreciate watching good movies, TV series, or anime episodes. Some things that contribute to making these enjoyable are the way they present music and sound effects. One night, I watched a few episodes of Chainsaw Man with my friend through a Discord stream. The anime presents remarkable original soundtracks (OSTs) and sound effects from battle scenes. Wearing Wolf Howl 1.0 hyped me upon hearing these OSTs play in the background, especially the ones packed with action. I love how the sound travels from the left and right ear of my headset. It gives off a pleasant wave-like feeling. 

Beyond Lifestyle: this is how FLEEK Philippines envisions the brand. Wolf Howl 1.0 is distributed by RED Franchise Distribution, Inc. and designed by FLEEK Philippines. Grab a quality yet affordable gaming headset through FLEEK’s website, Shopee, or Lazada. Reimagine the world of gaming with this quality headset for only ₱999. For a limited time, it can be yours for a discounted price of ₱499!

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