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From a former streamer, what makes streaming so fun?

From a former streamer, what makes streaming so fun?

The evolution of our technology has given birth to countless possibilities in different aspects. Among those includes streaming. This refers to the technology of transmitting audio and video files in a continuous flow over a wired or wireless internet connection.

Over the years, streaming (or even streaming games) has grown into one of the most popular hobbies, gaining views, and patronage from people on the internet. Eventually, people who engaged in streaming also grew. It quickly became a great way to share gameplay and bond with others at the same time.

From a former streamer, what makes streaming so fun?

It is essentially having others watch you play online. It’s a great bonding moment!

Remember those times when we were children and we would play video games with other kids watching us? We’d feel like we’re on top of the world. We get to share our gameplays, laugh together, and become even closer. Streaming is just like that, except it’s virtual. But, hey, isn’t that so much better? Most streaming platforms enable commenting functions with fun stickers.

Other platforms also offer stars that equate to monetization in real life. So, it’s like sharing gameplay in real life, except it’s much more entertaining and beneficial to both parties. If you enjoyed sharing your gameplays with other kids when you were younger, chances are you’d be a good streamer when you grow older!

You’re free to be talkative with others just lounging and listening to you.

As someone who is innately vocal about everything, streaming is a blessing because it allows me to just be myself! I am free to make comments about the game I’m playing, my teammates, my failed gameplays, or even the most random thoughts, among others.

I have the liberty to speak my mind (respectfully, of course) without being judged. At the same time, I am able to entertain others. Bonus if you got viewers who agree with you and support you! It’s just like having a huge group of supportive friends.

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Streaming makes others feel less alone.

If you’re someone who feels alone and lonely most of the time, the good news is that streaming is here for you! Whether you are a viewer or a streamer, the hobby itself makes you feel less solitary by providing a means for others to accompany you. It generally makes you feel like somebody is there for you, watching you, and cheering you on.

Lastly, streaming is a fun way to document your improvements.

Streaming platforms allow you to play back your games, so if you’re somebody who’s competitive and values improvements, it is a blessing! If you stream a game consecutively from day one, chances are your improvements would be documented and you could look back on that. You’d be able to see how your skills would skyrocket from being the bottom fragger to the ultimate carry as days pass. Now, that’s fun – at least, for us competitive players!

I officially stopped streaming some time before the pandemic’s onset due to a lack of funds and equipment. Now, I just casually stream random games on my personal Facebook account whenever I feel like it. Should I be given the chance to return to streaming, I would definitely take the opportunity! Streaming is so fun, and I hope you now understand why.

Do you see yourself becoming a streamer someday?

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