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Power up and stay caffeinated with Kopi’s Drip Coffee

Power up and stay caffeinated with Kopi’s Drip Coffee

I will probably sound like a broken record but let me just say this: Coffee is essential for many people, myself included — as well as, businesswomen and sisters Jesza and Jaycka Rubianes. Locally sourced from Cordillera Regions, Kopi PH invites you to a modest breakfast offering a tasteful and delectable edge to your average cup-o-joe.

“Kopi offers locally sourced and freshly roasted coffee beans and grounds from Cordillera Region. Kopi’s Drip Coffee is pretty much just like brewed coffee that doesn’t require any fancy equipment, they can enjoy câfe quality drip minus the machine. All you need is hot water to make a cup—perfect for people on-the-go.”

Staying luxuriously caffeinated with Kopi PH

Nothing is better than starting your day, powering up, and staying caffeinated with a steaming cup of coffee. Making coffee with an instant packet sounds monotonously tedious. Making coffee with an espresso machine sounds unreasonably expensive. With Kopi’s drip coffee, you won’t need a piece of intricately complex equipment to enjoy your luxurious palate in coffee.

You only need hot water and voilà — a perfect cup of coffee. Working hand-in-hand, the Rubianes sisters recently decided to provide us with an inexpensive but luxurious caffeine fix through Kopi PH. Despite the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, they continue to push through and show us what this business means to them and what it could mean to their customers.

“Coffee is our source of comfort. Our passion to start a coffee business like this grew even further after we tried several different cafes in different countries we visited. It reminded us of how we’d often turn to [the] coffee a sense of tranquility and we are inspired to bring that same feeling to others.”

Mocha — a personal favorite

My taste in coffee will probably never change. For some reason, I especially love my coffee when a mix of chocolate remained infused and blended with it. This time, Kopi PH’s Mocha with a roast type of medium robusta became my favorite among the other flavors which include Sagada Dark, Kalinga, Espresso, Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel.

If you’re looking for a specialty drink with a strong espresso kick, you’ll never go wrong with mocha. The chocolate doesn’t overpower the coffee nor the coffee suppresses the chocolate. The luscious and velvety pairing works together and gives the word ‘bittersweet’ a literal meaning.

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Kopi PH during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all kinds of occupations in the country — especially, freelance workers and small businesses. Although that doesn’t stop the Rubianes sisters in providing us with our caffeine fix. Despite the worries and anxieties regarding the virus, they continue to take precautions to accommodate their consumers.

“One common struggle that we currently had is of course the fear of the virus itself. Handling, getting supplies, and delivery of the orders to people outside our home (Grab, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy, etc.) may not be as safe as it used to be but we always make sure to follow extreme safety precautions for this. Also, another common struggle we had is there are so many businesses like ours but we make sure to search all about our products and focus more on our marketing and advertising so that people can see and buy the products we worked hard.”

You can order your drip coffee choice through a message on their Facebook ( or Instagram ( Then, they will provide you a form that you will need to fill in. Once the transaction goes paid and confirmed, your order will be shipped accordingly. Delivery charges, on the other hand, should remain shouldered by the customer. Kopi PH – open for souvenirs for any occasion and for those who feel interested in the coffee selling business they also remain open for resellers.

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