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Photo Editing Apps to Amp up Your IG Game Like President Nadine

Photo Editing Apps to Amp up Your IG Game Like President Nadine

Ano na? It’s 2022 and Nadine Lustre is still our ultimate feed goal! Her consistency with keeping her Instagram feed aesthetic is really superb! Aside from her own photos, she usually showcases beach pics, palm trees, beautiful sceneries, and a bit of product endorsement on the side. Not to forget her dogs, Cal and Cosmo. Each photo is pleasing to the eye, even those that appear to be just a filler. The images were arranged coherently and everything is well thought out. Needless to say, our President’s Instagram feed is truly eye candy.

It is never too late to amp up your IG game! If you are planning to start now, we got some app recommendations for you. These photo editing applications would definitely help you achieve that Nadine Lustre Instagram aesthetic!


Nadine doesn’t stick with one filter and would often upload black and white pictures for transition. Don’t worry, it won’t make your feed dull! You may use VSCO to edit your photos and apply a black and white filter before posting them. This application has been my favorite editing tool for years. They have 15 available presets for free and 3 (B1, B5 and x1) of these are black and white filters that come in different shades. I’m sure you will not run out of options!


Canva isn’t only helpful for school work and job presentations. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that you may use it for your Instagram posts and stories too. We’ve seen several photos from Nadine where she uses frame overlay to make her feed even more artistic. To achieve that, Canva has countless designs to choose from. On top of that, many are available for free!


Dazz Cam isn’t as popular yet as VSCO and Canva but I can attest that this app will bring your photos to the next level. It offers the most realistic retro film filter that applies in just one click. And the best part is, most of its features are also free. With this, you may replicate Nadine’s IG photos anytime.

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For light and color adjustment or even with sharpening and adding grain and texture, Adobe Lightroom got you! This app will be your best friend for polishing your images before posting. It is especially perfect for your filler photos which you can adjust freely according to your feed.

Maintaining an aesthetic IG feed takes time and effort and these photo editing apps are just one thing for you to achieve it. Props to President Nadine for inspiring us! In the end, you are not required to take it seriously and you should still post whatever makes you happy. It was made for entertainment so why not have fun while at it? That’s what truly matters after all.

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