Aesthetically-Pleasing IG Feed: A Tip for Beginners 

Nowadays, Taking photos has become an inevitable hobby of people. People take pictures to freeze the moment—a moment that must be cherished, kept, and treasured. We also don’t want to keep these memories only to ourselves. Therefore, we share them online, especially on our IG Feed. So that our family and friends can see what happened to us recently.

According to Adobe Express (2022), Instagram is the best social media site people should prioritize in 2022. Additionally, the social media app also ranked as the “Top Most Popular Photo-sharing sites in the year 2021” (Vaswani, 2021).

As Instagram has become the most-used platform, people have become conscious of the photos they share online. The aesthetically-looking feed has become trending. Therefore, people now take time to build their IG feed. That way, their accounts may look creative and professional.

So, if you are planning to organize your IG feed now, these tips are just for you:

Visualize the entirety of your IG Feed.

Start considering your IG feed as a whole, instead of a collection of individual posts. With this, try to work in groups of three to produce stunning material that may improve the appearance of your feed.

Pick a theme.

You may regard this one as your account’s soul and emotion. The theme is the overall aesthetic of your IG feed. And, of course, this one reflects your unique visual style. Therefore, think and assess your desired theme thoroughly. Are you aiming for an earth tone, colorful, minimalist, or dark theme?

Take and collect high-quality photos.

Many people believed that the key to an Instagrammable photo was an expensive professional camera. However, even without one, you can still take high-quality pictures. Many modern smartphone devices can produce high-quality images, whether you’re using iPhone or Android devices.

A simple tip for taking a photo:

  • Enable grid lines to improve the composition of your shot.
  • Lock focus on your subject.
  • Use natural light to your advantage.

Editing software that you can use to enhance your IG Feed.


VSCO is an app that enables users to post-process their photos before sharing them online. Users have the option to utilize the filters and store their images privately if they like.

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Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an advanced photo editing program for IOS, Windows, and Android devices. This program contains all the desktop editing capabilities that can help to enhance your images.

Photo from abdz.do

Use a layout planner for your IG Feed.

Believe it or not, most Instagram influencers’ IG feeds have been intentionally and thoroughly crafted before publishing it online. Planning your feed will allow you to see how your photographs appear next to one another and make adjustments to get an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Try using a layout planner application like Preview in planning your IG feed. With this, you can reorder the posts and examine what your Instagram feed will look like. You just need to upload your pictures and videos to the app. Then, drag and drop them wherever you like. Simply delete the unpleasant image from your Preview feed if it doesn’t fit your theme. And lastly, be creative in rearranging your photos according to your taste. 

Photo from Joseph A. Villena Jr.

Above all these tips, Instagram’s ingredient for a better feed is the act of enjoyment. If you’re not enjoying it, your feed will not look how you envision it. Learn to love what you are doing and sprinkle an amount of dedication and creativity. Because nothing can go wrong with a dedicated and creative person. 

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