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Instagram Raid: Red Velvet’s Irene Looking Stunning in Black

Instagram Raid: Red Velvet’s Irene Looking Stunning in Black

I remember seeing Irene with blonde hair, for the first time, during their live performance of Monster at SBS Inkigayo. Despite the title of their song, she absolutely looks like an angel sent from heaven above. At the same time, her beauty became more striking because of her stunning black outfit.

Photo from: Irene/@renebaebae

Meanwhile, I decided to raid Irene’s Instagram account to see more of “her” in black ensembles. If you would ask me why, it is because she looks breathtaking in black. Yes, as simple as that. With all that being said, ready yourselves because you will be seeing Irene looking stunning in black.

Model Irene

In 2020, Irene became an ambassador of the Italian luxury brand Prada, alongside her labelmate EXO’s Chanyeol. No wonder the brand has chosen her; she owns a gorgeous face and she has an aura of a model. Furthermore, her black outfit in this photo emphasizes her beauty and it gives her top model energy!

Idol Irene

Irene wore this black outfit when she performed the song Monster at SBS Inkigayo, alongside Seulgi. Besides this sultry and elegant black ensemble, she also showed her spectacular dancing and singing prowess. Thus, she looks like a monster, an elegant one who eats the stage with her incredible talent, beauty, and charisma.

Best Leader

In December 2021, Irene posted a picture of herself holding a Christmas card and wearing a cute black ensemble. This black outfit speaks so much about her as a leader of the famous girl group Red Velvet. It shows two of her charming attributes as a leader to her members—strong and sweet. Besides her beauty and talent, perhaps we should commend Irene for being the best leader.

Simple and Pretty

Okay, can we stop for a moment, direct our focus to Irene, and just admire her flawless visuals? This might sound overrated, but I believe she’s wide awake when it rained “beauty” on Earth. I mean, she can just pair a plain black shirt with pants and she can still take our breaths away. Yes, just like that period.

Truly, Irene is stunning in black outfits because she possesses a flawless beauty and charming aura. However, behind her beautiful outer appearance lives a talented, dedicated, and kind human being. If you like to see more from Irene, check out her Instagram account!

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