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Passion vs Practicality: Pursuing my Passion in College

Passion vs Practicality: Pursuing my Passion in College

Like most people, at some point in my life, I asked myself what I would want to be when I grow up. Of course, being successful was given, but aside from that, I also wanted to be genuinely happy with my job. Unfortunately, not all people in the field where my passion lies have all those things that I wanted to be. 

College came and I had to choose my passion for writing over anything else. All hells be damned, I thought. Four years later and this is where I am now. 

I am now a Writer, Officially 

I do not really know if there is an exact definition of what an official writer is, but I like to think that I am one now! Aside from news and journalistic articles, I have also indulged my passion by writing scripts for music videos, short films, and documentaries among others. Moreover, I also have some published articles online that I wrote for a magazine. From being an essay writer and a campus journalist in high school, I like to think that I have actually come a long way already. Cheers, self. 

I Have Developed Some New Skills

In the field of communication, it is very inevitable to not pick up a few skills that could actually be useful once you are in the industry. Other than improving my writing skills, I have also enhanced my verbal skills. By studying and practicing the lessons that were taught to us, I have personally seen my improvement. Moreover, my social attitude has also improved. Being able to learn communication theories furthered my knowledge and patience when it comes to dealing with other people. And honestly, thank God for letting me choose my passion!

I now Have a Bittersweet Relationship with my Passion

Since this is still college after all, sometimes, I cannot help but despise writing. Part of the learning process is to submit endless pages of papers. This includes writing at night, writing during the weekends, and writing even when I am not supposed to. If I am not writing, I am at least thinking about what I am going to write next. So, you can just imagine how creatively draining pursuing this passion is; and I am not afraid to admit this. Having a healthy relationship with your passion includes taking a break from it from time to time, and my bittersweet relationship with it allows me to enjoy my day-offs from writing guilt-free.

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It Makes me Happy at the End of the Day

Yes, I hate it sometimes. Yes, it is draining. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, when I am in bed and I look back at what I have already accomplished as a young writer, I can actually say that I am happy. Pursuing my passion for writing has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Being able to write about things that matter and contribute to social awareness and discourse gives me a sense of fulfillment. I believe that that is what actually matters.

When I pursued the path of my passion, I knew that the journey will never be certain. I knew that my future cannot promise success, happiness, and financial stability as a package. But, as a young adult, what’s important for me now is I am doing what makes my heart flutter. I am doing what, I think, makes me feel alive.

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