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Non-red monochromatic outfits you can wear on Valentine’s Day!

Non-red monochromatic outfits you can wear on Valentine’s Day!

Recently, a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook that was originally uploaded in 2019. The Facebook post referred to Abai Francis’ The 7 Colors of Love. These included red, blue, yellow, green, purple, brown, and grey kinds of love and the different meanings behind them. The post also said that some people may possess a few of them, but nobody is bound to have all. And, with Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, it has been in my head for a long time. 

For example, the red kind of love refers to the love of the heart. This means that it springs from the heart and is more life-like. Usually exhibited in a parent-and-child relationship, it feels overly protective, caring, and unconditional. Aside from that, it is also based on reasoning and imbibes the trait of sacrifice.

It kind of got me thinking. Pink and red are usually the colors that people wear on Valentine’s Day. And, it’s not always the red kind of love that we feel for our partners. So, I thought maybe I can style monochromatic outfits with the kinds of love that we feel for the people that we are set on celebrating Valentine’s Day with. 

Non-red monochromatic outfits you can wear on Valentine’s Day!


Blue is laced with so much passion that it is sometimes referred to as passionate love. Emotions control this kind of love, rather than the heart and reasoning. Exhibited as the love at first sight kind of scenario where two people are head over heels in love.

With that said, if you feel that with the person you’re spending Valentine’s Day with, you can grab a tie-up cropped cardigan and a knee-length satin skirt. Then, complete the outfit with a more vibrant bag and a pair of blocked heels.

However, the thing about this color of love revolves around the general trend of love that only lasts for a short interval. According to The 7 Colors of Love, most failed relationships spring from this color of love.


Maybe… you shouldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with a person that only feels the yellow kind of love for you or you to them. The thing about this kind of love is that it only exists conditionally and has always been laced with uncertainty.

But, if you are spending Valentine’s Day with this kind of person, go grab a satin long-sleeved button-up top and a miniskirt made from the same fabric and color. However, you can wear the skirt underneath the top and put a gold belt around your waist for an hourglass figure.

This color of love ceases to exist where the basis for it is no longer there. There are lots of people today whose professed love is yellowish. Unfortunately, this color of love only gets to be revealed when the eventful happens or a party is put to the test.


The green kind of love is regenerative. It means that this kind of love doesn’t die. However, it continues to be renewed. It usually exhibits a trait of forgiveness no matter what the offense of any member of the party may be.

This is the kind of love that we want to have. So, grab a knee-length floral dress and a cropped cardigan. Then, complete it with a mini purse and a pair of kitten heels. It’s like a sweetheart kind of outfit for Valentine’s Day.

This kind of love feels more prominent in older couples who through experience have come to outgrow petty tendencies that have destroyed the relationships of most younger couples.


Although purple is attributed as a feminine color, this kind of love isn’t. It combines both the heart and head together. This also means that this kind of love can be reasonable but at the same time, it can be emotional, too.

So, if you are spending Valentine’s Day with someone like that, then you should wear an all-purple outfit. Maybe, you can wear a tie-up cardigan and a miniskirt. Then, complete the entire outfit with a purse and a pair of heels.

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This color of love is exhibited in couples who seem to be always up in arms but are always known to resolve their disputes amicably between them. It’s like they will fight from time to time. But, they won’t let that break them apart.


This color of love invokes the taste of chocolate. This means that it elicits joy or happiness on every occasion. It is exhibited by those who live far apart from their loved ones or those who after a breakup managed to get their relationship back together.

And, because you’re so happy, you can go for a comfortable but quirky outfit. So, you can go for a cardigan and flared leggings combo in the same color. Then, grab your trustee leather boots in a darker shade of the combo. Wear your sunglasses over your head and you’re good to go!

You can also see this love being exhibited by newlywed couples. So, basically, the color brown invokes happiness in every way possible. In this color of love, each partner is always trying to please the other.


Unfortunately, this color of love seems to be showcased with no emotions involved in it at all. The couples involved at first show no feelings or signs of emotions for each other. However, the love color of grey gradually blossoms, or maybe not.

You can wear a grey button-up top and put a cropped sweater vest over it. Then, put a darker shade of miniskirt. The cropped sweater vest will allow you to emphasize your waist. Of course, make it trendier with a pair of heeled boots.

The parties involved may or may not be close but what they have is mutual respect. As odd as it might sound, this love seems to outlive most other love relationships. Although there may not be emotions involved at first, they will still last.

Red isn’t the only kind of love out there. So, maybe, you can wear these colors for Valentine’s Day!

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