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INSTAGRAM RAID: Madeleine White fits you can wear on Valentine’s Day!

INSTAGRAM RAID: Madeleine White fits you can wear on Valentine’s Day!

I don’t watch a lot of TikTok. But, when I do, I always find a gold mine. Recently, I came across an LA-based English content creator.  Just like a lot of people during the COVID-19 pandemic, Madeleine White went to TikTok as a source of entertainment. Then, she started dipping her toes in as she made videos of her own expertise in fashion.

In 2021, she started posting elaborate sewing videos where she would make lavish creations from scratch. Then, 2022 came along and she started styling outrageous pieces of clothing as well as garments that she would love to throw out. It’s not a secret that I love fashion. And, coming across Madeleine White was such an amazing scrolling experience for me.

INSTAGRAM RAID: Madeleine White fits you can wear on a date!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought this was a great opportunity to share a few Madeleine White outfits that anyone can wear on a date with their beau or with the girls. So, let’s go through her Instagram and see the outfits that we can replicate with pieces of clothing that we already have in our wardrobe.


The French girl aesthetic requires tons of timeless basics. And, this Madeleine White outfit looks a lot like those American girls that try to give a twist to the said aesthetic. It’s giving Emily in Paris. And, it’s definitely a must-wear for the upcoming Valentine’s Day with the beau. 

Maddie wore a slimming black and white polka-dotted dress and grabbed a black mini bag. She went with a minimal look for the accessories, going for a few rings and a pair of gold earrings that matched the hardware on her purse. She put her hair in a fun bun and did her makeup in a simple way but had a pop of color with red lipstick. 

The next Madeleine White outfit was such a simple one that anyone can recreate. The pieces didn’t need to come from luxury brands. It’s just a well-structured black button-up top and a black miniskirt underneath. She used a thin belt to give herself an hourglass figure. Then, she completed the outfit with a black beret decorated with pink hearts. For a pop of color, she went ahead and matched her lipstick with a red mini bag.


It’s Valentine’s Day. Of course, there will be people who would want to wear pink. However, there will also be people who would want to remain comfortable, especially if it’s just going to be a pretty laid-back kind of date. So, these outfits can be such a great way to go around that.

Madeleine White wore a comfortable pink sweater, and a pair of beige or off-white trousers, and completed it with a pair of white sneakers that had pink embellishments. She made it simple with a white mini purse, a couple of gold rings, and a simple cute pair of earrings.

Green is the best color to pair with pink. So, if you have those two colors together with the same levels of vibrance, you can grab them and wear them for your Valentine’s date. Maddie had a romper with said colors and made it simple with a white purse, white scrunched-up socks, and a pair of white sneakers. Then, she added black sunglasses to adorn the top of her head.


2023’s Valentine’s Day lands on a weekday; on a supposed normal Tuesday. So, if you and your beau are planning to go on a simple dinner or a date after work, you can go ahead and wear an outfit that would be appropriate for the office and for a date night.

Madeleine White wore a matching two-piece combo that you can replicate with your own pieces of clothing. She had a black dress and a blazer in the same hue and pattern. Then, she completed the look with an eye-grabbing purse and a pair of black sunglasses.

You can also go ahead and replicate a sweeter approach to officewear. Maddie wore an outfit in three different colors but with the same vibrance. She had a powder blue tank top, a pair of beige trousers, and a lavender blazer. You can either dress it up with a pair of white stilettos or dress it down with a pair of white sneakers. She also completed the outfit with a floral hair clamp, gold hoop earrings, a couple of rings, and a simple gold necklace.

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Maybe your idea of a Valentine’s Day is going clubbing with the gals. There’s no shame in that. You might even have more fun doing that than going on a date with a person you barely know. And, you don’t need to worry because Madeleine White has an outfit for you.

Maddie had a matching two-piece set for this outfit. So, if you can find a similar one in your wardrobe. Then, you’d be good to go! She had a cropped short-sleeved top with a cutout on the chest and a miniskirt to match. She also wore a polka-dotted pair of tights and the most badass pair of heeled boots.

A corset is also a good way to go for Valentine’s Day, especially a red one. She wore a red and black corset with a pair of acid-washed jeans. However, the problem with this Instagram post is that we can’t necessarily see what she wore for shoes.

But, you can dress it up with a pair of high-heeled boots or dress it down with a pair of laced-up platform combat boots. Either way, you should wear boots for this outfit and you’ll look like the sexiest modern pirate wench of all.

Although made it simple with layered gold-chained necklaces and gold earrings, she made her makeup more extravagant. She had a black cateye look, a vibrant blush, and neutral-colored lipstick.

Which Madeleine White outfit would you want to wear for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below!

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