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My Thoughts On The Upcoming Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Elections

My Thoughts On The Upcoming Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Elections

The election for the next batch of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) officials is now around the corner. With this, the candidates must present themselves to the youth that they will especially serve.

Sangguniang Kabataan (SK)

SK is a council that represents the youth. It was briefly put on hold before the 2013 elections but will soon be returned. It was recently announced that the 2022 SK election will be held on December 5, 2022.

What to look for in a candidate?


Of course, the preferred candidate must succeed in all the needed qualifications before running. If the person is not qualified, it’s better to reconsider your vote.


The candidate should not be able to fit in the requirements generally stated by the government but also our standards. Voters must consider the candidates’ experiences and knowledge in the field. You can’t just give the position to someone who isn’t aware of the laws and processes in running a council.

Despite it being a small sector, they still play a vital role in appealing to the youth. They do not only serve as the voice of the youth but also encourage the youth to take part in local and national programs.

Clear and SMART Plans

We have already grown accustomed to the SK council spearheading basketball leagues and various sports – related activities for the youth.

But, wouldn’t it be better for the council to step up their plans? Basketball leagues and volleyball leagues promotes the sports and development that the youth possess. It’s not a bad thing. This helps the youth to be involved with locally organized programs. Their camaraderie can also seen with these projects as friendly games are held.

Long-term projects to consider

Though there are some factors that must be considered in proposing projects, some can still be seen as feasible. Long – term projects should now be discussed among the council to make long – term effects among the youth.

Promote the involvement of those from the youth

I think that the SK council may be able to curate more plans with the involvement of the youth. It would be better that the council can find a way wherein the youth can be much more involved with the projects that would suggest other projects that can benefit them in the future.

Tree–planting projects

There have been many warnings now regarding the irreversible effects that climate change brings. It would be better to encourage the barangay’s youth for tree planting projects. This can create long–term benefits for nature. This could promote the youth for to be more environmental friendly and supporting green projects in the future.

Mini libraries

This would promote reading for the youth. Although, for it to not require much budget, the books could come from donations from other locals too. Those books that can still be used. In this case, some children can find enjoyment in reading books too.

Recycling projects

Many barangays have launched this project with different approaches. It can be recycling plastic bottles or paper, in exchange for school supplies. Or this could be considered as a raffle ticket when you donate and the council can come up with a good prize for it. It will be up to the council on how they can make their project more appealing to the youth. Consider it a Win-Win situation!

See Also


This has been an ongoing project by most locals. Seminars never left the list of priorities. Although, with many social issues at hand, there are many that they can focus on. These include the bullying, the SOGIE bill, sex education, and financial literacy. The only problem with this is the audience or youth’s participation. How can they invite the youth who thinks seminars are boring? They should get speakers or guests for these seminars that can easily hook the youth. Also, the can create a twist or just anything that the people can look forward to, other than just listening.

Encourage the youth to join local and national projects (Clean – up drives, donation drives, etc.)

Various local and national projects can boost the nationalism of the youth. In this way, the SK must encourage them to join these projects and be acquainted with those from outside their circle.

There are annual clean – up drives and other projects that urges the youth to help. The SK can organize a gathering or “libreng sakay” programs for those who wants to take part in drives held outside the locality.

Connections to various companies for job hiring and training

In this way, the council can help the youth to create connections with various companies to apply for work. With the younger generations wanting to get a job, at least they can have someone to ask for help when they want to get one.

SK Council has the power to spark the initiative and nationalism of the youth. Although, this does not only work with the council alone. To have better success, the youth should also do their part in engaging with the activities.

For the youth, let us vote wisely for that someone who will represent our sector.

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