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My dad and I get along well — here are the reasons why

My dad and I get along well — here are the reasons why

Growing up, I hear people label me as “daddy’s girl” as they know how close I am to my father. Perhaps what they say is true, I am indeed a daddy’s girl because my siblings and I grew up with just him by our side. Well, aside from that, there are other reasons why my dad and I get along.

Do not get me wrong. I am close with my mother too, maybe not physically but at least emotionally. My mother is an Overseas Filipino Worker since 2004. We only get to see her on-screen through video calls every Sunday. She also comes home for two weeks every two years, then she goes back to work abroad again. So, it is only my father who I get to see and talk to every day. However, seeing him every day does not guarantee how close we are.

My dad and I share some favorite hobbies.

My dad loves watching documentaries. I grew up seeing him watching those Kara David documentaries and eventually, I got to enjoy watching documentaries too. This contributed to my decision to choose journalism as my program for college.

These days we also love watching suspense k-dramas as a hobby.

Stitching or sewing is another hobby. My dad loves sewing clothes or repairing pants for my brother. I have also enjoyed sewing since I was a kid. Those Home Economics classes in Elementary were ones that got me really excited and I even joined dressmaking contests in high school. This kind of hobby got me really close to him, especially whenever I ask for help or advice in stitching.

He is always there for us.

Aside from stitching techniques, I am also comfortable with asking for help or advice on something from him. Maybe, it is a cringe-worthy experience for some but asking for help from a parent is our right as a child.

My dad is always there whenever we need him. From walking us before to our elementary school every single day, taking care of us when we were sick, to even smaller things he does every day, my siblings and I are proud to have him.

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We argue but he listens.

Having arguments may seem out-of-place for this topic, but I tell you, it is not. Whenever we are having arguments, my dad really listens to my side. I realized that when you are comfortable giving opposing opinions to your parents and they listen to you, you may have a close bond with them. This proves that we listen to and respect each other.

Indeed, my father is my go-to person whenever I have major problems, and if that makes me a “daddy’s girl,” then I am proud to be one.

Writing this made me realize how lucky I am to have a father growing up. A big hug to all children who will celebrate this year’s father’s day without a dad. And, cheers to all responsible and loving fathers. Happy Father’s Day!

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