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Father’s Day is not just a celebration for biological fathers

Father’s Day is not just a celebration for biological fathers

Today marks the many sacrifices and contributions of fathers and father figures among children. We take this time to celebrate them, shower them with love and appreciation for their impact in each and every one of our lives. While we recognize the hard work and efforts of biological fathers, let’s also make this moment count for those who fill in the shoes of absent dads. After all, they are as good – even better mostly – as a provider for our families.

LGBT parents

Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk

Gender does not assign a person to be a father. For the gay community who chose to build a family of their own, we salute you in bringing meaning to your children’s, adoptive or not, lives. Despite the discrimination ever present in this country, you are determined to be a parent that can raise a beautiful generation.

Single moms


Mothers who are abandoned by their partners are superheroes that live double purposes in a child’s life. They wear many hats, caring, disciplining, and providing for their kids. This is their day as well.

Relatives and Breadwinners

Orphans who are left by no choice but to cope with a parentless future emerge the strongest. We also would like to recognize the sacrifices of siblings who step up to give a better tomorrow for their younger sisters/brothers, giving up their personal lives in order to ensure they get to study and eat thrice a day.

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Adopting parents

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They say blood is thicker than water. For adopting fathers who give the same amount of love to children not their own are also worthy of appreciation. Their taking charge and responsibility for kids who were entrusted to them shows the kind of love that is unyielding and relentless.

We salute you all. We hope today you feel special because believe us, you deserve it, and more.

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