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Mark Models’ Manel Manlapat embraces her fervid passion for modeling

Mark Models’ Manel Manlapat embraces her fervid passion for modeling

Manel Manlapat

Crossing the threshold of the Mark Models lineup, Manel proves to be the fearless lass embracing her fervid passion.

Down the boulevard of exquisiteness, Marienelle “Manel” Manlapat conquests her insecurities and flaws. Definitely, she knows how to keep her head high and lift the heels of poise.

Truth be told, the 20-year old and model student from Quezon City did not expect to enter the modeling industry. As she said,

I was a shy type when I was little and built my confidence as time went by,

With a glance of bravery, she aims to embrace what she really wants. Also, she believes that it’s always better to try than to have regrets.

As long as you are not doing something wrong and not hurting anyone, go for what you love and want to do as long as you have time. Make yourself happy and proud,

On the spur of the moment— she transforms

While every model has their own story as they enter and explore the glitzy scene, Manel holds an enthralling one.

As she described the experience, for her, everything seemed too unexpected.

I was just watching a basketball game, someone approached me and asked me if I wanted to join a pageant.

On the spur of the moment, she realized that joining pageantry pushed her to discover the realm of brazenness. After winning a title in 2013, people pressed her to try modeling because of her qualities — being tall and slim.

Moreover, supermodels Elsa Hosk and Winnie Harlow make her cause a stir even more. For her, both the fashion icons possess interesting character and uniqueness.

They are like human Barbie dolls. I am amazed and inspired by them.

Bookmark and chopping board

Away from the sparks and flashiness, Manel surely clasps bookmark and chopping board. She can show off her fronts — as an Education major student and a cook.

I love cooking, I started cooking when I was 9 years old. I love reading novel books also and baking,”

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Striving for the best version

Attaching herself to the Mark Models involves depth expectations within her. Manel also sees this opportunity as an open window to help her to boost up her confidence.

Furthermore, she knows that she is meant to be an uprising model. Her willingness to learn also fuels her drive to work on her refinements. As she shared,

I really want to improve myself to be a better one. And I expect to gain those here with the help of Mark Models,

Lastly, she’s a visionary individual who recognizes her personal feats. She encompasses the energy of a professional model who’s soon to rise on top.

I am responsible for my commitments and work. Professional in terms of work and things that should not be brought inside the workplace.

Check out her social media to spot her beguiling aura.

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Photographer | Arjay Neri
Videographer | Anthony Brillantes
Hair and MakeupJP x Nim
Stylist | Nash August
Styling Associate Diana Tasha Claridad
Project Assistant James Bryan Moral
Studio  | VP Studio

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