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Mark Models’ Ren Orong, ready to test the waters in the modeling industry

Mark Models’ Ren Orong, ready to test the waters in the modeling industry

Mark Neto’s lineup of models is full of impeccable talents. But among them all, Ren is one of the names you surely won’t forget.

Describing themself as fearless, tenacious, and audacious nonbinary queer, Ren Orong is now en route to venture into the finery spotlight.


Originally coming from Mindanao, they moved to the Metro testing the waters in the modeling industry.

At a young age, they have already imbued that the art of modeling. As they shared, in almost everything that they do, the touch of ‘presentability, glam, fashion, and whatnot’ are always conspicuous.

Moreover, they’re into wildest themed shoots. One can really tell that they’re up doing ferocious stunts.

Born to pose

Meanwhile, the go-getting Capricorn revealed that the productions of their home city amazed her. Eventually, it was the moment when they realized that they are born to pose. They even shared,

It was only at the beginning of 2021 when I started getting requests for collaborations with local designers and photographers in General Santos City.

They added that the time when they flew to Manila made them discover by few productions like hustlemoment and shotsbyjohncarlo. Until now, they’re still on track building my portfolio.

More than their experiences, it’s also noteworthy to know her advocacies. As a model and even as a person, they advocate for individuality that is ‘true, expressed, and celebrated.’

That little by little models like me are able to dismantle societal conventions that view being true to ourselves as deviant, unnatural, or not normal.

She also shared her personal advocacy.

My personal advocacy is to become a fearless representation of my own community.”

When asked about her inspirations in modeling, Kelsey Meritt, Naomi Campbell, Bella Hadid, and Leon Dame (just to name a few) are on their list.

Doing the usual hobbies of a hormonal teenager

More than showcasing their glam side, the 18-year old model is also a student of De La Salle University-Manila, currently on their pre-med.

They also shared some of their hobbies,

My hobbies are organizing, creating content, studying (not that I decided to make studying a hobby, I am just really compelled to),

Additionally, they also work out when there’s extra time, and binge-watch shows on Netflix. As they described, ‘just the usual hobbies of a hormonal teenager.’

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Appraising fashion as the face of Mark Models

As a model, Ren definitely values fashion. They hope to accentuate the fashion plastered on to them. Also, to be able to deliver the message that the whole team working behind them wants to deliver.

I expect that I become a channel to deliver fashion to the public. I expect that with fashion, my personal individual beauty is also celebrated,

As the face of Mark Models, they believe that she can represent the uprising agency. As they said, aside from their God-given gifts, they are capable, they are skilled.

My little experience in modeling so far has been very creative and made me realize that I am a good model. I only wish for an agency that believes in me as well,

More than anything, they encapsulate the advocacies that could resonate with consumers of art – which is celebrating queerness. They added,

(Mark Models) should represent me because I know how to cater to criticisms and is very flexible and comfortable when asked to do something for the betterment of the art in progress.

Check out their social media as Ren marks their glam in the modeling scene.

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Photographer | Arjay Neri
Videographer | Anthony Brillantes
Grooming | Steven Siao
Hair | John Robert Matre
Stylist | Nash August
Styling Associate Diana Tasha Claridad
Project Assistant James Bryan Moral
Studio  | VP Studio

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