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Let’s Eat Pare! Here are easy-to-cook snacks that you shouldn’t miss:

Let’s Eat Pare! Here are easy-to-cook snacks that you shouldn’t miss:

Are you a foodie, pare? If you are, then you’ve probably heard of the online foodie community Let’s Eat Pare™ or LEP. Maybe you even tried a food recommendation or two. We have great news for you! The sharing of good food does not stop there. Through the cooking show Solane Kitchen Moments, LEP’s founder Mark Del Rosario shares how to elevate pantry staples and brings his best food discoveries to your kitchen.

Let’s Eat Pare! Here are easy-to-cook snacks that you shouldn’t miss:

Aside from cooking his favorites, Del Rosario also talked about life, culture, and passion with host Suzi Entrata-Abrera. In a separate interview, Del Rosario also said:

“The kitchen transforms the house into a home — it is the nucleus of memories, experiences, and it provides sustenance to fuel future endeavors. Solane energizes the creativity and passion that stems from this sacred space.”

corned beef ala pare

He started the first three episodes elevating a Filipino favorite: corned beef. With the inspiration from world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, Del Rosario spent years perfecting his own Corned Beef ala Pare. Of course, you don’t have to feel intimated as he made sure to keep the recipe pantry-friend. It’s bound to be your new go-to snack! You can also learn how to make Corned Beef ala Pare here.

yummy yummy angulas

Meanwhile, Del Rosario reveals his favorite culinary discovery in the second episode. A frequent traveler, he tried angulas – a delicacy of baby eels. He tried it right where it originates: the Northern Spanish town of San Sebastian. Del Rosario admits to cooking angulas for family and friends, wanting to share the discovery. Now, he’s sharing it with you, too! Watch it here.

chili con carne

Del Rosario turns up the heat in his third and final Solane Kitchen Moments episode. He cooked chili con carne, a dish he used to describe his relationship with his wife. He talks about food as a love language – with the chili con carne coming in like a warm hug. Find the recipe here and make it for your loved ones, too!

Let’s Eat Pare

With 18 years in the food industry, Del Rosario started from humble beginnings as a salesman with chefs as his clients. He eventually opened his restaurant and experienced the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur. Then, this led to the birth of Let’s Eat Pare™ in 2016. Of course, this comes in hopes of helping other restaurant owners grow and achieve their dreams.

Today, LEP can do just that. It became a safe and positive space where you can collaborate with and learn from others. The large but tight-knit community also grew with over 300,000 members. If you have yet to be a part of it, there is no need to worry. They always welcome food lovers who happily share their finds and enjoy discovering others as well. Check out the community here.

“Food is one of the main ingredients to fostering a strong bond with people. A unique connection is harnessed through sharing meals.”

We heard through the pipeline that the next Solane Kitchen Moments episodes wilsome more exciting guests. Stay tuned every Thursday on Solane’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. See you there, pare!

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