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Klay Thompson Vexed Over His NBA 2K23 3-Point Shooting

Klay Thompson Vexed Over His NBA 2K23 3-Point Shooting

In recent years, NBA 2K ratings have generated a lot of discussion among players. Fans and even players themselves have been offering their opinions on what they believe to be inaccurate, from overall ratings to specific attributes. The Golden State Warriors star shooting guard Klay Thompson is the most recent player to criticize his stats in 2K23. The three-point shooter took issue with his poor shooting rating in the video game and here’s how it went.

Klay Thompson vexed over his NBA 2K23 3-Point Shooting

Klay took it to Instagram

In a deleted Instagram story, Klay the splash bro berated the video game developer, calling them “bums.” 

Klay, along with Durant, Bane, and Kennard have all garnered a rating of 88.

However, Stephen Curry, the other splash bro, tops the 3-point list with a flawless rating of 99.

Tied at 88 3-point ratings

Klay thinks 88 seems to be too low despite having the second-highest three-point rating in the game. Given that the players tied for second place all appear to have varying degrees of three-point shooting ability. The reasoning behind these ratings appears undoubtedly questionable.

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Klay thinks his record merits more respect because of what it has proven to be. Only Steph Curry has more career threes made during the playoffs than Thompson, according to his post. In addition, he also believes this should be taken into account when determining how a player should be evaluated.

Thompson and GSW’s Championships

Photo from Golden State Warriors | Facebook

To give you a recap, Golden State made five straight NBA Finals trips and won three of them. Thompson has a huge part in draining 3-pointers in crucial playoff situations. After a remarkable comeback this year, his accurate shooting assisted the Warriors in winning their fourth championship.

Whatever the situation, Thompson enjoys playing with four championship rings on his fingers. Who knows, maybe this issue can be his new source of motivation to defend their 2022 NBA title.

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