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Oddly Satisfying Videos That We Can’t Help but Watch

Oddly Satisfying Videos That We Can’t Help but Watch

It is fascinating how something that one finds disgusting can be satisfying to another. While autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) causes tingling sensation, oddly satisfying videos are set to trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine or simply, the happy hormones. This explains why even though it might appear gross, we remained entertained watching it.

I’m almost a hundred percent sure that you didn’t search for it. It suddenly appears on your YouTube recommendations or you happened to stumble on it on TikTok. Either way, the thumbnail hits your curiosity, making you watch it. You probably weren’t sure how to feel about it the first time. Yet, because of the algorithm, you started seeing more. Well, this is how it went for me, and the next thing I know, I’m searching for new clips that could ease my boredom. 

Here are few oddly satisfying videos that we can’t help but watch;

Ingrown Removal

Sherwin Ladrido, a vlogger from Davao City, dedicated a whole channel for ingrown removal on toenails. MR.Ingrown Davao City / Sherwin Ladrido has now gained 350,000.00 subscribers with 85,222,777 views. This number shows how many people are fascinated with this kind of video.

Basically, you are there to keep an eye on how he’ll remove his client’s ingrown. Most of the time, the nails that he handles are not well taken care of. Some are even infected by fungus but in the end, you’ll see a huge improvement.

Pimple Popping

If you are also one of those who cannot resist popping a bump on your face, it’s not surprising that you are addicted too on pimple popping videos online. People who’re fond of this content cannot be bothered by the pus coming off one’s acne. It is rather pleasing to watch than gross.

Photo from: Layer Solution on YouTube

Whiteheads and blackheads removal aren’t only done on the face as it sometimes appear on ears, neck, back, and even chest. It is so satisfying to see that pores finally get unclogged!

See Also

Ingrown Hair Removal

Photo from: tinysom 타이니솜 on YouTube

When a hair that has been pulled begins to grow back and curls into the skin, it is called ingrown hair. Due to this, a bump can develop on the surface of the skin which might cause a little pain. Ingrown hair likes to put up a fight against wax and doesn’t give up easily against tweezers so once it is finally pulled up, you’ll feel nothing but satisfaction.

Dental Plaque Removal

Photo from: tinysom 타이니솜 on YouTube

Plaque or tartar is something that we should all hate. It’s not only disgusting but could cause us pain in the long run. This might be the reason why seeing it being removed can be entertaining. Also, the teeth transformation from looking filthy to squeaky clean is just so amusing!

We might be strange for enjoying this kind of stuff but who cares? As long as it is fun and not harmful, go on! Some things need no explaining.

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