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Micca Rosal unleashes her aura in this tasteful evening gown

Micca Rosal unleashes her aura in this tasteful evening gown

Miss Aura International 2022 took place on September 25 in Antalya, Turkey. With the pageant coming to an end—to which Miss Indonesia won —so did Micca Rosal’s short yet meaningful journey.

Arriving quite late for the competition, Micca was already in a tight position. With roughly five days before the finals, she needed to catch up on the remaining pageant activities. Not to mention that the current queen, Alexandra Garcia, is from the Philippines, this added more pressure.

Despite the disadvantages, Micca didn’t waste any time and went full competition mode. She continued to give it her best and made tremendous progress, demonstrating to everyone how a Filipina candidate can perform under duress.

In the end, she won best in National Costume as well as finishing as one of the Top 10 finalists. A well-deserved feat and a sweet victory for sure!

Now, speaking of sweet, did you know that the inspiration behind Micca’s final gown was actually a Filipino desert? Designed by Paul Semira, here’s what you need to know about the stunning yet delectable creation.


Aiming to represent the splendid and delightful qualities of a Filipina, the hand-beaded gold and lavender gown is indeed an eye candy.

Called Sapin-Sapin, Semira explains that the reason behind its name is because “it includes the customary shades of enjoyment, a definite banquet for the eyes representing women’s vitality, and the power to glow the femininity.”

The gown also features “dramatic embellishments filled with swarovski gems and playful fringes on the right hips down to the leg.” Further saying that “with a one-shoulder sleeve, the gold tuft was elegantly encrusted as Sapin Sapin toppings, Latik or toasted desiccated coconut flakes.”

A sticky gown fit for a sticky situation; it was definitely the perfect gown for Micca.

Thank you, Micca for raising our flag and representing our country to the best of your ability. It might have been bittersweet but the way you used your limited time wisely are very much appreciated.

We’re so proud of you, Mabuhay ka!

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