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Kath Erin and Keith Andrei Tease Their Upcoming Song: ‘Clueless’

Kath Erin and Keith Andrei Tease Their Upcoming Song: ‘Clueless’

Kath Erin and Keith Andrei Amosco teases new song collaboration, 'Clueless'

NOPE, Kath Erin has ensured that we’re far from ‘clueless’ with an exciting preview of her upcoming song set to drop on November 10th across streaming platforms, featuring Keith Andrei!

Kath Erin and Keith Andrei Amosco Tease Their Upcoming Song: ‘Clueless’


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♬ Clueless feat. Keith Andrei Kath Erin – kath erin

As mentioned during our previous interview with Kath, this is the song she has been eagerly looking forward to sharing with us. Pre-saving is now available, nevertheless, let’s explore what we have to anticipate!

According to her, this R&B song boasts a distinct vibe and genre compared to her usual compositions. Her eagerness to explore diverse genres and expand her creative boundaries led her to collaborate on this song with her online friend, Keith.

As a new artist in the music industry, I’m currently at the exploring stage where I still find my own sound—the one that will make my name create a noise for a reason.

Kath Erin during the interview for Village Pipol

Truly, to stand out in the music industry, finding your unique sound as your trademark is key. Exploration is a means of achieving this. Furthermore, stepping beyond your comfort zone allows you to better discover your unique identity that distinguishes you from others.

Kath is excited for us to hear her upcoming song, which marks a significant shift from her usual style and personality. Although she confessed to feeling nervous, she’s equally enthusiastic about hearing our thoughts once the song is released.

Unveiling the Narrative of ‘Clueless‘: The Song’s Backstory

The cover art for ‘Clueless.’ Inspired by Denise Julia‘s ‘butterflies,’ as stated by Kath.

Kath collaborated with her online friend to craft this musical masterpiece. Keith Andrei Amosco, also known as Keith Andrei, an independent artist and music enthusiast like Kath, played a pivotal role in its creation.

She revealed that they’ve been friends for five years and have been doing a few collaborations even before.

Last September, he sent me the first draft of the beat and I tried to write the verse and hook. Nagustuhan niya naman ‘yong sinulat ko and we decided to finish it. It only took us two days to write and produce the whole song,

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She also mentioned that their initial collaborations found success on YouTube. But now, they have the opportunity to release their work on Spotify and various other streaming platforms.

She confessed to drawing inspiration from the song ‘butterflies‘ by Denise Julia, days before writing ‘Clueless

Filipina artist, Denise Julia, and Hollywood singer, Ariana Grande served as her inspirations for R&B songwriting.

So when we were doing Clueless, I thought of something that could give you that ‘butterflies-in-your-stomach’ feeling.

We all know that it could be a sign of infatuation. And as a girl who loves plot twists, instead of writing it from the point of view of an infatuated girl, I wrote from the point of view of the other woman,” she narrated.

Moreover, she clarified that the song is entirely fictional and is quite suggestive, and therefore, should not be romanticized. She expressed her concern, clarifying that she composed the song for us to understand, not experience such situations.

As songwriters, they have the remarkable ability to convey emotions, immersing listeners in the experience as if they are firsthand participants in the emotions being conveyed.
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