I’m lost in thought after watching ‘I Love Lizzy’

Movies and dramas tend to depict the reality of life or at least the slice of human life. However, most of the time, it has become our scapegoat from reality to experience the alternate, dreamy, or idealistic reality that we wish for ourselves. Sometimes, we wonder about how we could move past a movie that just gave us a huge slap of harsh truth. Yes, it happens in reality. That’s why it hurts even more. That is exactly what I Love Lizzy made me feel.

SPOILER ALERT: This article might contain spoilers from the movie I Love Lizzy.

Recently, I attended the premiere and exclusive screening of the movie. Walking inside the cinema along with other guests, filled me with excitement to watch I Love Lizzy. I was in a somewhat clean slate, completely unaware, and just planned on going with the flow of how the movie will go.

Of course, it kicked off smoothly. It looked fun and captivating and swiftly moved you until Jeff (Carlo Aquino) makes a heart-wrenching decision that involves Lizzy (Barbie Imperial). That’s how I knew that it was a good film. Because I left the cinema with thoughts wandering inside my head. And, that didn’t just last for the day. It last for a few more.

The what-ifs and realizations after watching I Love Lizzy

What if Lizzy waited a little longer? What if Jeff pursued Lizzy and became stubborn despite the internal agreement with God? Regardless of the what-ifs, I think the film made great points that we can ponder.

There are things that will not work in our favor, the only thing we can do is accept reality and move past it.

Sad as it may sound, this kind of story happens in real life. Some may not work according to our favor no matter how much we want that person, and no matter how much effort we give just to keep the relationship. One of the hardest decisions to make is whether you are going to stay or leave if the person you value most is on the line. Thus, it leaves you no choice but to walk away for your own good.

You have to decide for yourself in moving on.

Jeff says, “you do not have to hold on to your past.” It is a very comforting and relatable phrase to hear. Most of the time, we hold on to our mistakes and unnecessary guilt from the past, which shackles us from stepping forward. I love how Jeff is filled with so much warmth to console Lizzy, which radiates unto the audience who unexpectedly relates to it, as people who also shared their warmth and care to others. There will be people in our lives who can be safe havens for us to confide our scars. They help in accepting our demons, however, be reminded that it’s still our choice to move forward.

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There’s beauty in letting go. Loss creates space for something to come.

Lizzy, who has been wounded in her life, is longing for someone she can lean on, and there appears Jeff. But, due to an unforeseen turn of events, she has to stand up for herself. It’s wonderful to see Lizzy firmly decide to move forward for herself, with herself. She moved past Jeff and someone came into her life. It is a reminder that in order for something beautiful to come, we need to unload unnecessary baggage occupying the spaces within us.

From the words of Jeff in the movie: “’Di lahat ng nang-iiwan ay ‘di nasasaktan.”

An eye-opener for people who have naively thought that it is a bad thing to leave a relationship. Some people have to understand, whether we like it or not, that “leaving” can be a beautiful and good decision to make, especially if that is for the benefit of our loved ones. Leaving the people we love does not automatically mean we do not love them. Sometimes, it’s the only choice left for us.

God is ever-present.

According to an interview after the film screening, Direct RC Reyes said that “Mayon” is symbolic in the movie. So, he wants it to be mentioned multiple times. Mayon means God. He wants the viewers to understand that whatever situation you are, God is there.

In a relationship, some may last, others should not, and few cannot. See and experience for yourself first-hand the fun, kilig, heartache, and awe Lizzy and Jeff have for us. Watch I love Lizzy open in cinemas on January 18, 2023.

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