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4 K-dramas that could help you navigate adulthood

4 K-dramas that could help you navigate adulthood

To help us navigate our way through new chapters in life, we need a handy tool within our reach – just like Han Yeo Reum’s necklace compass. With guidance from our familiar stars (Yes, we’re both referring to the skies and screen) finding our way growing up can be much lighter. Although most times it won’t be a breeze. As we tread uncharted paths of our own, I offer you a list of K-dramas to watch. In each one discover diverse jobs and careers that might even be your life’s calling. 

4 K-dramas that could help you navigate adulthood

Where Stars Land

I am not a robot’s very own Chae Soo Bin stars here as Han Yeo Reum, a wide-eyed, often clumsy passenger services employee at Incheon Airport trying her best to get by. She crosses paths with a mysterious fellow employee Lee Su Yeon played by Lee Jae Hoon who, amidst his stellar performance and competence, hides a steely secret that connects to her past. This 16-episode series gives us a tour of the enormous and famous Incheon Airport.

Record of Youth

Wonder what’s behind stardom? Park Bo Gum’s character (Love in the moonlight’s Lee Yeong) Sa Hye-Jun will show you a glimpse of it. The modest model-turned-actor juggles his rising fame and desires to live a simple and moral life. His fellow dreamer and previous fan, Ahn Jeong Ha (Parasite’s Park So Dam) tread by his side on this journey. Equipped with color palettes and artistry, she grew closer to him in a pretense of not knowing the famous star. In this youth, we get a glimpse of what lies behind the glamor, fame, love, and dreams that endure in spite of the harsh scrutiny in the industry.

Because This Is My First Life 

Budding K-drama writer Yoon Ji Ho (played by Alchemy of Soul’s Jung So Min) enters her thirties while struggling to secure an abode in the big city of Seoul. In her search, she finds more than just a shelter but also an unexpected landlord, Nam Se Hee (My Liberation Notes’ Lee Min-Ki). Se Hee pledged to live a solitary life while captive financially in a mortgaged home.

See Also

Together they scheme a fake marriage to liberate themselves from personal conflicts and financial captivity. Beyond this peculiar plot, this drama teaches us the hard truths of marriage, love in tangled relationships, and contemporary life. With the drama being packed with life lessons and literature references, it has made its way to become a modern classic.

Run On

A passionate film translator with an unhealthy lifestyle, Oh Mi Jo receives an offer of a new gig to be a translator to the famous athlete, Ki Seon Gyeom. Lee Se Kyung and Im Si Wan respectively play the unlikely pair. Thriving at different times of the day, they meet halfway and find the small joys in life’s often alternating mundane and bright settings.

Here’s to all of us navigating the real contemporary world! We can always come back to it whenever we are ready. Perhaps, after a few more episodes from our K-dramas? Yes, please!

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