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Joe Keery releases a single for his new album

Joe Keery releases a single for his new album

Aside from being an actor, Joe Keery is also a musician. However, few people know this side of the actor. A few days ago, Joe gave his fans a taste of his upcoming second album, DECIDE. He released his first single Change to his Youtube channel Djo Music. According to his Youtube channel, he also plans to release the album on September 16 this year.

Joe Keery releases a single for his new album

Surprisingly, his songs are not your typical pop. According to Joe, engineer-musician Adam Thein assisted him. They recorded the final takes at the Sound Factory in Los Angeles. Joe also described his upcoming album as a spellbinding collage of snaky pop hooks, neon melodies, and deeply personal lyricism.

The album, then, melds high-tech songcraft with quick wit, and irrepressible spirit. An impressive breadth of vision also showcases glowing synths and big beats over the trippy guitars that defined 2019’s acclaimed debut, TWENTY TWENTY.

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So, what are you waiting for? Listen to Joe Keery’s songs now!

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