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Why You Must Watch Anne With An E

Why You Must Watch Anne With An E

Anne of Green Gables is one of the beloved children’s novels. Written by L.M. Montgomery, it’s a story of how an orphan named Anne Shirley found a family, a home, and a life of adventure. Because of how well-loved it is, it has had adaptations in theater, animation, film, and television. One of them is Netflix’s Anne With An E and its three seasons would move your soul.

Anne takes you to adventures

If you have always been interested by period pieces, Anne With An E will be a delight for you. The show is truthful to its era which is the early 19th century. The story takes place in Avonlea, a fictional place in Prince Edward Island. Despite its non-existence in the real world, it still makes you wish you are actually there. 

As the story begins and eventually progresses, the show takes you to beautiful and varying landscapes and waterscapes. It brings you to the neighborhoods, the town and its communities. You would see characters with their puff sleeves and fancy hats. It’s a step away from the modern world we know and see on a regular basis.

Anne Shirley and Matthew Cuthbert | Anne With An E

If you didn’t already know, Anne is quite the talker. However, once you watch the show, you’ll understand why she proclaims her admiration for Avonlea and its wonders. It’s an adventure back in time.

Anne tells you your stories

Anne Shirley is also quite the storyteller. Animated and imaginative, she leaves a lasting impression on those around her. The show, itself, does just that as well. 

Each episode tells the story of Anne and of the people around her. They tackle the topics of prejudice, identity, race, gender, bullying and many more. Through them, we get to know more about the characters of Anne With An E and find ourselves drawn to their hardships and joys. There are also lessons to be learned from them. 

In one such episode, Marilla, Anne’s adoptive mother, was being berated by her friend Rachel Lynde for attending a meeting for progressive mothers. Rachel was opposed to the idea of women advancing in society. When Matthew, Marilla’s brother, was asked what he thought of such a modern way of thinking, he said:

“I reckon every new idea was modern once—until it wasn’t.”

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To live a romantic life

One of the best things about watching Anne With An E is that it makes you want to romanticize your life. It feels easy to fall in love with everything when you journey with these characters. They’re not perfect and they’ve had their own fair share of tears but they embrace their life. 

“I’m loved now, but when I wasn’t, it didn’t mean I wasn’t worthy of it.”

Anne Shirley

In turn, it encourages you to see the beauty in the little things. It makes you want to nourish the friendships you have, to fulfill your dreams, and to welcome changes. Most of all, it helps you heal. It encourages you to be kinder to yourself. 

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry | Anne With An E

You’re a kindred spirit

Have you ever felt like you’re alone even though you have people around you? You feel like you won’t find someone who will just get it but still, you look out for them. You’re searching for someone similar in kind. Do you know what? Anne Shirley has been looking for them too and she embraces them. 

A kindred spirit is what you are and it’s time to delve into this story.

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