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What to Expect on Stranger Things 4: Volume 2

What to Expect on Stranger Things 4: Volume 2

SPOILER ALERT: Have you binge-watched Stranger Things: Season 4? If not, then I suggest you stop reading now and turn on Netflix. I have huge spoilers for the Volume 2, right ahead!

After the release of the Stranger Things Volume 1 on Netflix last May 27, people could not stop freaking out about the newly introduced villain in the series. Vecna, the main antagonist this season, terrorizes his victims a few days before eventually killing them. The victims would start seeing a grandfather clock alongside an even scarier version of their most feared moments in life. Afterwards, well, let us just say what he does to his victims ain’t pretty and definitely looks painful.

The fans couldn’t keep their excitement and admiration for the actors this season, especially because of the newly added characters including Eddie, Argyle, and Peter, played by Jamie Campbell Bower. Sadie Sink has also been applauded for her performance in the fourth episode, Dear Billy, giving everybody extreme goosebumps.

Of course, a lot of critics commented on the somehow “messy” plot of the season given that there are five different narratives overlapping throughout the whole series. I personally agree with that. One of the reasons is because despite being a significant character, Will had limited to no development in the storyline.

Quick recap before Season 4: Volume 2

Photo from Stranger Things Twitter account @Stranger_Things

To summarize the latest episode, the California gang, comprising of Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle, went to Utah to find the only hacker they knew, Suzie, Dustin’s girlfriend. With her help, they were able to track down where Eleven could be. El, on the other hand, is on a different mission. She is trying to get her powers back with the help of her dear old Papa. Expect Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 to get even more exciting and deadly!

Back in Hawkins, Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie fought their way out after literally diving into the gates of hell. They entered the Upside Down through the Watergate and got stranded there. Fortunately, Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Erica figured out how they could return to the real world through the flickering of lights. Similar to how Will communicated with his mom back in Season 1.

Meanwhile, Joyce, and Hopper reunite in Russia after managing to fight off a Demorgon inside the Russian prison. Hopper also made friends with a Russian guard. Of course, Murray was there too, as the resident American-Russian translator.

Now, all caught up! To dive deeper into Vecna’s narrative, the show dedicated the seventh episode, The Massacre at Hawkins’ Lab, to narrate the background story of Peter who turned out to be number One. Also, he’s Vecna.

What Will Vecna do?

A lot are wondering what to expect on the last two episodes of Stranger Things 4: Volume 2. Well, the fans have some theories.

*Goosebumps* One of the most theorized narrative is that Will is going to join Vecna on the dark side. Vecna, aka Peter/Henry Creel, showed similarities with Will as a child. Both of them were “sensitive” as boys, quiet and mysterious. However, Vecna already exhibited sadistic behaviors even at a young age, going from torturing animals to murdering his mother and sister. On the other hand, Will, despite being bullied and feeling neglected, never caused harm to anyone else.


It also a mystery how Will survived the Upside Down for days, alone and helpless. Thankfully, some fans have theories to address that as well.

The most discussed episode in the season is ‘Dear Billy’ where Max barely made it out alive from the Upside Down. Vecna nearly succeeded in killing her but her friends figured out a way to help her evade death. It was through music. They made her listen to her favorite song, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush and fortunately, it worked.

Now, fans are thinking that maybe Will survived the villain’s home ground because he kept singing the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash while hiding from the vicious monsters. Man, these kids have great taste in music.

There has also been rumors that a main character would get killed by Vecna. I do hope it’s just a rumor. But some believe that if it ever happens, then it would either be Eddie (as a new beloved character) or Will (it was mentioned that he got harnessed while filming).

Whoever it is, I hope their friends are ready to blast their favorite song.

Are you ready?

Photo from Stranger Things Twitter account @Stranger_Things

I cannot wait for July 1 to get here. Better get ready for the next phase of the season and pray that El manages to destroy the Upside Down and all the gates once and for all.

Also, I hope nobody gets Vecnafied. But if Vecna were to get you, what song would keep you alive?

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