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Best Jennifer Aniston Movies to Watch on Netflix

Best Jennifer Aniston Movies to Watch on Netflix

Jennifer Aniston is one of the audience’s favorite artists. Why not? Her films are known for having remarkable and, most all, amusing performances. She is the queen of criminal comedies, romantic comedies, and just plain light comedy flicks, thanks to her silly, natural, girl-next-door roles. And, because she’s on our minds, we’ve compiled a Netflix list of her finest movies.

Best Jennifer Aniston Movies to Watch on Netflix

Murder Mystery

Jennifer Aniston acts alongside Adam Sandler in this criminal comedy, bringing her attractive personality to the center. The couple is on their way to Europe for a holiday when they decide to stop by a billionaire’s birthday cruise. However, a murder occurs on the trip, and the two are both falsely accused — only to emerge as crime solvers. The final pursuit scene with the gorgeous lady driving a red Ferrari is one you won’t want to miss.

Marley and Me

If you enjoy emotional movies, this will undoubtedly fill a void in your heart. It tells the story of a happily married couple and how their lives change after adopting a free-spirited dog named Marley, who manages to teach them and their children vital life lessons through his antics.

We’re the Millers

Rose is an exotic dancer who resides in the same building as marijuana dealer David. When David’s boss gets him in jail, he has no choice except to fly to Mexico and buy a large amount of marijuana. Rose and two other kids help David impersonate a vacationing family to evade police suspicion. They encounter several challenges on their journey and begin to unite as a true family.

Friends with Money

This is a dramatic movie with a lot of hilarious moments. It follows Olivia’s (Jennifer Aniston) struggle to make ends meet after quitting a stable, well-paying profession while attempting to retain a positive connection with his three wealthy pals.


Willoudin is an overweight adolescent who is the daughter of the town’s beauty queen. She chooses to run for Miss Teen, with her mother serving on the jury to show that beauty pageants are harsh to women who do not fit beauty standards.

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He’s Just Not That Into You 

This Jennifer-starring drama-romance is based on Greg Behrendt’s best-selling novel of the same name. The film revolves around the drama of four men and five women’s relationships. While they all experience grief, they also learn to deal with the complications of relationships and life lessons 101. This film meets the bill if you’re searching for a movie with a lot of drama, sweet romance, a joyful conclusion, and an overall positive feel.

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Which one is your favorite Jennifer Aniston movie on Netflix? Let us know!

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