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Is “That Girl” a healthy trend or is it pressure for mental wellness?

Is “That Girl” a healthy trend or is it pressure for mental wellness?

That Girl Trend is taking social media by storm. She is cool, calm, and collected. She is beautiful, and smart, has the time to make avocado toast, has the energy to work out, and has enough money for Starbucks every day. That Girl is fashionable, and her room is spotless. Of course, That Girl does not have mental health issues.

Is “That Girl” a healthy trend or is it pressure for mental wellness?

It’s practically a lifestyle.

One of my biggest problems with the trend is that it is not a personality or a character type but rather a lifestyle. The problem with lifestyle is that it is something that you have to “afford.”

I mean come on, avocado toasts and over-priced iced coffee every day, that is almost the daily minimum wage! There is nothing wrong with prioritizing your health and working out. But, even gym memberships cost a lot.

That Girl means well – I believe that. But, she is also highly expensive to be.


a small snippet of @natalia rant about the toxicity of the “that girl” trend – it is SO SO SO important to remember that your personal form of self care will look completely different then the next person. just because your healthy habits don’t look as “aesthetic” as the girl living in a million dollar apartment, that doesn’t mean they’re not healthy! Be easy on yourself and remember that everything you see is curated to look that way! 🤍 – #fyp

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“That Girl” is too perfect.

When I think about That Girl, I think of neutral clothes and white spotless walls. I do not even have my own room. She needs space, to meditate or to do yoga. Most of us do not have that. It goes without saying that the That Girl trend or lifestyle, is too high maintenance.

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So, is it a healthy trend or is it pressure for mental wellness?

So the question is, does the That Girl trend promotes or pressures us into mental wellness? The reality is that there is nothing wrong with cleaning your room, going out for iced coffee, or going to the gym every day. But, we cannot pretend that mental wellness is all about having abs and pretty hair.


just my honest opinion & i would love to hear ur thoughts!!! #thatgirl #thatgirlaesthetic #thatgirltrend

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Maybe we do not need to be That Girl, maybe it’s better if we can just be us. Yes, our rooms are not spotless every day, and we are a bit rough around the edges, but at least our journey toward mental wellness is not dependent upon fitting into a normative trope of being That Girl.

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