Makeup brands that cater to your beautiful morena skin tones!

Living in a tropical country, we, Filipinos are naturally born with a tanned skin tone. And naturally for us morenas, we long to use products that befit and accentuate our natural Filipino color. However, for many years, local makeup brands notoriously tend to cater only to those with lighter skin tones exclusively. Hence, for the morenas that came before us, finding the perfect makeup for their tanned skin tone was a struggle. Thankfully now, more and more local companies are embracing the Filipino color.

Ranging from cosmetic companies known for multi-use pots to foundation products… Here are makeup brands that cater to your morena skin tones:

GRWM Cosmetics

Looking for skin tints, multi-purpose water, creamy tints, and setting powders expertly crafted for the morena color? Then you shouldn’t miss including GRWM Cosmetics in your makeup pouch.

This local brand was launched in 2020 by makeup vlogger Mae Layug with the aim of truly representing the Filipino market. With such, the company has come up with easy-to-use makeup lines fit for Filipinos who are always on the go.

Where to Purchase? Planning to add GRWM’s products to your makeup pouch? Their products are available online both on Shopee and Lazada.

Squad Cosmetics

An indie makeup brand targeting a younger audience, Squad Cosmetics offers a pocket-friendly yet good-quality range of makeup products. With affordable multi-purpose creams, foundations, and eyeshadow palettes of multiple shades, Squad Cosmetics became a Pinoy crowd favorite.

And, due to its highly-affordable price point, the company’s cosmetic products became a beginner staple.

Where to Purchase? Searching for the best affordable and beginner-friendly makeup products? Check out Squad Cosmetics online in their official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Detail Cosmetics

Desiring to provide cosmetic products that express their customer’s individuality, Detail Cosmetics provides a wide selection of morena-friendly products to the local market. From their wide range of lipstick shades to glass stain tints to their velvet flush line, Detail Cosmetics delivered high-quality yet affordable products for Filipinos to rave for.

And, among their recently raved products are their Fresh Filter Natural Finish Foundation which caters to deeper morena shades.

Where to Purchase? Starting up your own makeup collection and considering Detail Cosmetics? You can find their products online via Shopee and Lazada.

Colourette Cosmetics

Looking for the best shade selection of high-quality eyes, lips, and cheek tints that truly accentuates the Filipino skin tone? If yes, then Colourette Cosmetics is exactly what you’re looking for. This home-grown local brand that started in 2015 sought to diversify the then-limited options of makeup products for Filipina beauties.

Starting from a few shades, the brand grew to provide vast shades of multi-use products that truly represent Filipina beauty.

Where to Purchase? Seeking to avail Colourette’s highly-popular lippies? You can purchase their products online through their official Shopee and Lazada stores.

Naturale Cosmetics and Skincare

This brand is an influencer favorite. Naturale is yet another indie local cosmetic brand that provides a great selection of cheek and lip shades for us, morenas. The brand prides itself on high-quality cosmetic products sold at a very affordable price. 

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As the brand is spear-headed by a morena herself, who had her own struggles finding the perfect shade for her skin, the brand fully understands the needs of the morenas.

Where to Purchase? If you’re looking for the best morena makeup deals, go ahead and shop with Naturale. You can order their products online via Shopee and Lazada.

Vice Cosmetics

Promoting all-inclusive beauty products, and a banner of Ganda for all cosmetics, Vice Cosmetics is yet another morena-friendly brand. The company prides itself on a wide array of makeup products that cater to all kinds of Filipina skin tones.

More importantly, their wide product selection offers the finest cosmetics that are at an affordable price point.

Where to Purchase? Wondering where to order VICE’s makeup products? Here are the links to their official stores online via Shopee and Lazada.

Finding the perfect makeup for our morena skin tones need not be difficult for us, especially in our own country.

However, only in recent years had the difficulties of finding the perfect morena makeup been addressed. Good thing today that more and more local brands seek to diversify their shade ranges to cater to a wider spectrum of Filipinos of color. With this, more Filipinos get to fully embrace and flaunt their true morena skin tone. Isn’t that awesome?

Looking for affordable morena-friendly cosmetic products from the local market? Try checking out the abovementioned makeup companies to strut your natural Filipina beauty today!

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