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Fashion Ideas from Princess Diana That Will Never Go Out of Style

Fashion Ideas from Princess Diana That Will Never Go Out of Style

Fashion trends from the 1980s and 1990s are legendary. In the realm of fashion, these decades have such a special significance. Lady Diana Spencer, also known as Princess Diana of Wales, is one of the notable 20th-century fashion icons.

Diana was renowned for her exquisite evening gowns and flawlessly styled ensembles for formal royal occasions, but she also had a knack for sublime casual looks. She had a trendsetting fashion sense, which is why, forty years after her time, people are still trying to replicate her style.

Here are some timeless fashion ideas featuring the one and only Diana.

Biker shorts

The fashion value of biker shorts has been recognized by Princess Diana since the 1980s. She wore it with a graphic sweater, long socks, and rubber shoes. If you’re heading for a run or a day at the gym, this outfit is ideal.

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With the holiday season rapidly approaching, sweater clothing is becoming more popular. Diana donned this Warm & Wonderful “Black Sheep” sweater in 1981. It’s a simple, modest outfit but she quickly became the headlines of different tabloids.

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It’s your chance to copy the Hollywood celebs who have sported blazers while running errands or going out for the night. Blazers, once seen as a menswear essential, are now appreciated by different genders for the way they quickly give your ensemble some polish and sophistication. 

Diana pulled the look together with a tailored blazer and high leather boots after effortlessly teaming casual pants with a loose, oversized sweater.

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Knit + denim

A cable knit sweater paired with jeans is the ideal “sweater weather” look. With her v-neck and light-colored cable knit sweater, Diana made a slightly edgier fashion statement.

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Initially, dungarees served as clothing for hard labor in mines, factories, and fields. But it eventually transformed into a stylish garment. With bright yellow dungarees and a floral-patterned blouse, Diana popped up looking youthful and fresh.

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If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear brightly colored dungarees as Diana did. However, if you want to make your all-in-one outfit toned down, use denim dungarees.

High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans, sometimes known as “mom jeans,” were a very popular fashion style in the 1980s. Forty years ago, both men and women normally wore high-waisted bottoms. When Diana was out and about in public on a casual basis, she was usually always spotted wearing high-waisted jeans.

The versatility of this basic item is undeniable. Any top will work to give you that cool-casual appearance. 


Diana donned a clean look that could be worn as office wear or semi-formal attire. It’s a wise choice to use baby blue and white together to look fresh and classy at the same time.

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