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INSTAGRAM RAID: Ashley and Sean, cutesy and always sweet

INSTAGRAM RAID: Ashley and Sean, cutesy and always sweet

To follow up on the celebration of the recently-concluded Valentine’s Day, let us look at the cutest and sweetest photos that Ashley Garcia has given us on Instagram with her long-time beau, Sean Roxas. In case you didn’t see it, they posted photos on their Instagram accounts, celebrating their seventh Valentine’s Day as a couple. So, let me show you a few photos of this fashionable couple – perfect for the month of love.

INSTAGRAM RAID: Ashley and Sean, cutesy and always sweet

mirror pics

When done right, mirror pics look amazing. They look sweet and definitely fashionable in the photo that Ashley took and Sean posted. Plus, are you even a Gen Z if you don’t have at least one mirror photo on your phone?

road trip pic inspo

These photos look like they were filming a road trip scene for a movie and someone just took a screenshot. It’s cute, effortless, and candid. Plus, it allows them to show off each other with a simple photo.

being closer

Couple pics sometimes require contact and affection, as seen on Ashley and Sean. Hug each other, hold each other close, and even sit down between the other’s legs. It looks cute and overall intimate.

matchy matchy

As mentioned above, Ashley and Sean are one of the most fashionable couples we can see on Instagram. Whether it’s an actual matchy sweater or a low-key color combo, it’s a beautiful thing to see.


Just sitting down with each other, holding each other’s hands, or even just leaning on one another, Ashley and Sean continue to make us wish sana all. The photo will either make you look like a badass couple or a cutesy one. These two can pull off anything, really.

Ashley Garcia and Sean Roxas look so good together. One thing is for sure, seeing these photos prove that she enjoys being with him and he does, too. Being with someone for seven years is certainly not that easy. But, these two make it seem like it’s all rainbows and butterflies all the time.

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