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5 TikTok Shops Perfect For Thicc Girlies

5 TikTok Shops Perfect For Thicc Girlies

Choosing what to wear is both a challenging and relaxing activity to do. Shopping, sometimes, becomes me time that a lot of girls give themselves. It feels satisfying to buy clothes, especially when it fits well. However, plus-sized customers and thicc girlies alike find it a struggle to shop for clothes that look and feel good. Sure, a lot of brands advocate for diversity in their items. But, many still don’t. With TikTok being one of the most popular platforms out there, local shops have started using it to promote their stores – whether it’s a thrift shop or an actual local line. Not to mention, just like other known online shopping sites, TikTok finally has an option where you can add to cart and check out. So, for thicc girls out there, I got you!

5 TikTok Shops Perfect For Thicc Girlies

If you are looking for plus-size dresses and tops, this local shop is for you! At a very affordable price, this shop won’t disappoint you with its comfortable and high-quality fabrics. They also have a lot of plus-size products. So, I really suggest visiting their online shop for your own good.

Transitionist era 🤪 ayan pa yung ibang colors ng clark dress checkout na ! #plussizefashion #tiktokshop

♬ desperado x need to know II by altegomusic – ALTÉGO


This shop has a lot of different styles when it comes to plus size coordinates, trousers, dresses, terno or coordinates, and tops. Although it may look pricey to other costumers, its fabric quality really compliments its worth.


If you are looking for a casual yet elegant outfit to wear, then this shop is perfect for you! It offers a lot of different styles of coordinates and dresses. They also have aesthetic and colorful tops to wear which is very perfect to pair with your denim shorts and pants. Check their shop for more designs and styles!

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The original photo came from BTS In the SOOP Official Teaser 2. Min Yoongi (SUGA) is reading Almond by Son Wonpyeong


Just like the other abovementioned shops, Shapes and Curves also offer a lot of plus-size items at a very affordable price. Coordinates, Maxi Dresses, Rompers, Trousers, Tees, High waist shorts – name it, and they have it for sure! Almost all of their product is dubbed as ‘best-seller’ which is why customers always ask for restocks.

We are not different from one another, ladies! You may be petite or thick, size doesn’t matter — you are beautiful in your own way. Chin up, wear it like a queen, and keep slaying, girl! 

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