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INSTAGRAM RAID: Directors Tonet and Dan are THE Ultimate Couple Goals

INSTAGRAM RAID: Directors Tonet and Dan are THE Ultimate Couple Goals

Somewhere between KathNiel and LizQuen, directors Antoinette “Tonet” Jadaone and Dan Villegas’ relationship is among the list of the Philippines’ all-time “relationship goals” love team.  Other than producing films together, this couple also delivers the kilig feels from behind and even in front of the camera. 

Come with me as I scout Direk Tonet and Direk Dan’s Instagram accounts for their all-time #CoupleGoals posts!

Direk Tonet and Direk Dan’s Travel Escapades

Whether it be for work or just for Direk Tonet’s nakaluwagluwag bucket list, this couple brings us with them whenever they travel to another country. From sharing some great snaps of each other, we cannot help but feel jealous of them.

Imagine having a travel buddy who is also your partner; plus, they take good pictures, too! Well, it really is a perk to have a partner who has a good eye, if you know what I mean. 

The Director Couple and Their Food Trip Galore

Aside from traveling, this couple also gets along with another thing: food trips. Not only do they get to visit new places, but it does not really help that they also know how to take good pictures of food! As a fan, I was left with only one thing to say: sana all!

The Couple who Makes Films Together, Stays Together 

Since these two are both filmmakers, it is only natural that before having kids, they will create movies first. And sis, these are not just your usual films, these are star-studded and award-winning ones. Love and career; Direks, you really have it all!

Direk Tonet and Direk Dan’s Silly Moments 

Of course, they have these– every couple does! Who would not be jealous of having a partner who not only supports your antics but also joins them? Oh well, the gods really smiled upon these two. 

Guard, may mga sweet po rito, ‘o!

Preserving Memories and Feelings in Photographs 

If like this couple, I had a talent for photography and instant access to a quality camera, I would also preserve wholesome moments non-stop. They do not only bring kilig with their shots, but they also melt us with their captions.

How could anyone forget how Direk Tonet revealed their engagement, right?

Ugh, just goals!

Ever since I discovered how talented these directors are, I have been a supporter of their works AND their relationship. As an aspiring writer and filmmaker, it makes me glad to know that this couple’s relationship is proof that maybe, happily ever after is not just a fairytale after all.   

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