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How To: Walk Like A Beauty Queen | Kylie Verzosa

How To: Walk Like A Beauty Queen | Kylie Verzosa

The walk is one of the most important things that the crowd usually watches when it comes to pageants. Candidates work hard to achieve that perfect walk – an original one that will surely make the viewers remember them. Nothing is more important than mastering and owning your pasarelaMany beauty queens are known for their pageant walks and even have their definite names. Just like the popular walks of Shamcey Supsup-Lee (Tsunami Walk), Janine Tugonon (Cobra Walk), Pia Wurtzbach (Tanim-Bala Walk), and Catriona Gray (Lava Walk). Hence, Kylie Verzosa who was crowned Miss International in 2016 shares how she trained to walk like a beauty queen on her YouTube channel. Together with Aces and Queens Runway coach Ian Mendajar, they shared tips on how to achieve that perfect walk.

How To: Walk Like A Beauty Queen | Kylie Verzosa

YouTube | Kylie verzosa

Think like a Beauty Queen

Ian points out that candidates should act as a performer when on stage. Setting your mind that you will have that crown even when you wake up in the morning. Kylie also added that even if you do normal household chores like cooking, washing the dishes, and even when you are in the grocery. You should always set your mind that you have that invisible crown. This will help you to maintain your posture. 

 Use a mirror for your exercise

This will help you see yourself practicing the dos and don’ts of walking. It will help you improve your overall performance as you can see your reflection when walking.

Walking strides

Ian shares that to look good, you need to land your heels first. To avoid awkward landing with heels.

Do not forget to sway your hips

When swaying your hips, you need to exaggerate the movement. Make it intense as it will help you with your legs and hips. Do it on both the left and right sides. Additionally, it helps you boost your confidence when you have that “look at me” mindset. Wherein you should not be afraid of the stage but rather push that mindset of being a queen.

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Learn to “establish” and pivot

Whenever you walk, remember to slowly count to three. Establish is important as it is the moment that a candidate will have a better score. Judges usually give a better score when a candidate does not seem to rush her walk. Kylie also added that a candidate should feel that “moment” when walking onstage. On the other hand, a pivot is where you have to turn a walk-in opposite direction. Most effective when you make a smile and have your look at the camera. 

Practice! Practice! Practice!

It’s important if you’re dedicated when improving your walk. A daily practice can help you master and achieve your signature walk. Remember that when practicing have that beauty queen mindset.  

YouTube | Kylie Verzosa

 Watch Kylie Verzosa’s full tutorial here:

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