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Arci Muñoz and “To All The Dyes I’ve Loved Before”

Arci Muñoz and “To All The Dyes I’ve Loved Before”

Arci Muñoz and To All The Dyes I've Loved Before

Arci Muñoz has an Instagram that is as colorful as her hair. And, it started from her eye-catching OOTDs to her bright backgrounds. Some might worry about her hair as it changes color from time to time. But, she enjoys dying her hair and doesn’t feel afraid of trying various colors. Scroll through her Instagram and explore her hair dye journey. She even shared how her first hair dye to try was the color red when she was just seventeen years old.

Arci Muñoz and “To All The Dyes I’ve Loved Before”

But first, let us appreciate her black hair color.

Next in line, the brown hair.

Then, the blonde.

Look at her with platinum blonde hair. Perfect with her glowing white complexion and sexy red lips.

Yes, purple is her favorite color. And, here is how it looks like when she wears her favorite violet hair.

To her short peach hair.

She looks so fine and can pull off with long or short hair and with this girly brilliant color.

After a girly hair color, this blue hair color will bless your eyes.

Maybe she thought that one color is not enough. Look at this two-toned colored hair on her that will make you envious! Why change from pink to blue when you can do half and half.

Half blue and half pink.

No Harley Quinn, just Arci Muñoz.

Split pink

Another split pink but the other half was blonde.

Claiming this look with raven black and icy blonde hair.

Now, don’t think twice when you see this ombrés hair dye on the rockstar.

Ombré pink

Ombré silver

Ombré violet

But wait, there’s more. More hair colors.

Loving the tri-color hair on her? How about this unicorn hair? A sweet chic hair color.

Finally, as of writing, she got this hair with different shades of green.

Looking stunning in her green hair and in her two-piece.

They say dying your hair color helps boost one’s self-confidence. It makes someone feel beautiful and free. There are people who are not allowed to color their hair because of university policies and work standards. Keeping with the trend nowadays, a lot of people has started to dye their hair – especially with the thought of remaining at home and nothing better to do. Now, they just look in the mirror and see their color that surely makes their day a brighter and colorful day.

And, whatever reasons are there behind her change of hair color from time to time, we do hope that she is happy.

Looking for more? Follow her on her Instagram @ramonathornes for more hair surprises.

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