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How it’s like to be a mom of three brown dogs

How it’s like to be a mom of three brown dogs

Adopting and owning a dog is a great responsibility. But being a mom of three dogs bears a lot of dedication and commitment. Let me tell you how it’s like to be a mom of three brown dogs and how they change my life every single day.

How it’s like to be a mom of three brown dogs

Who’s who?

The first brown dog that came into my life is Happy. He’s a brown Aspin (Asong Pinoy) with spots of white on his face and white sock-like prints on his feet and the tip of his tail.

Then came Rocky, a medium-sized American Bulldog with a strong shade of brown and a small white spot on his chest. He’s a miracle baby, being a lone survivor when his mother gave birth for the first time to four large puppies.

The third brown dog is also an American Bulldog but pocket-sized, with the same physical appearance as Rocky—though her ears were cropped by her previous owner. Her name is Luna and she has a heart-shaped spot under her chin.

These three furry fellas were all adopted between 2020 and 2022. Our day goes by with intensified zoomies, chaotic walks, daily dose of cuddles and the likes.

Brown fur everywhere

I never thought these three brown dogs will shed too much because of their thin fur coatings. Well, I was wrong. In the couch, carpet, even in clothes—the presence of their brown fur is everywhere!

Shedding is a phase our dogs will inevitably go through. In my early weeks as a fur parent, I can’t stand the brown furs all over the house and an intense vacuum cleaning is essential.

Eventually, I got used to it and now it’s just too cute to clean it out, especially when I go out and notice little brown furs in my clothes. It’s like I’m carrying their love with me wherever I go.

Chaotic neighborhood walks

Walking the three of them together all by myself is a bad choice. Their combined weight while on leash was too much for me to handle.

On the first weeks I tried to walk all three of them, the verdict was total chaos. They cannot focus on their goal to walk peacefully and go potty as other dogs around the neighborhood bark at them non-stop.

With the help of dog trainers on YouTube, we eventually learned how to enjoy our walks by taking them one at a time. It became calmer and my dogs can now focus on walking peacefully and potty with class.

Intensified zoomies

Everyday I wake up with their morning zoomies. There’s like a flash of light zooming around our house whenever they do this.

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Their zoomies get intensified especially after taking a bath, which comes with a fine smooch of their body in the couch.

I’ve learned that zoomies are a natural behavior for dogs. Most of the time, there’s nothing to worry about as long as our dogs have enough room to run without getting hurt. 

Daily dose of cuddles

These dogs’ love language is physical touch. This is probably my most favorite thing in being a fur parent to these three brown dogs.

Aside from their morning zoomies, their random cuddles always makes my day complete. I love how they randomly smooch their brown fur off my legs while I’m watching TV or browsing through my phone.

It’s like their sign of pet me, please! Who would say no to their cuteness? Of course I’ll always give in!

I never thought I’d be at this point where three brown dogs are in my care. At first, it was a hard adjustment especially for their food and health maintenance. But not a day went by that I felt tired taking good care of my furry friends.

These three brown dogs have given my life such a special purpose that I can’t imagine not having them by my side for the years to come. I lowkey wish they can read this simple appreciation I forever dedicate to them.

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