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Are you running free in heaven, my furry friend?

Are you running free in heaven, my furry friend?

To say that losing a fur friend is like losing a family member is an understatement for me – it’s not just that. Pets, specifically dogs, always have a special place in my heart. I don’t just consider them as “just” dogs. They are family. I love how compassionate and affectionate they are with their owner. This has become the reason why I got these furry friends for myself.

Story behind…

In 2018, my uncle gave me his 1-year-old couple shih tzu dog named Madison and Bochog. There were a lot of adjustments at home back then, but these two fur friends eventually become the new babies of the family. Come 2019, they bore two puppies which I named Bailey and Luna. I still remember that was actually one of the happiest days in my life not until…

Graphics and Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater

The first three months of Bailey and Luna at home were full of happiness and excitement. I always wake up at the earliest time possible just for me to make sure that I’m the one who’ll wake them up. I always make sure that they’ve been receiving the love they deserve as they grow old.

During their 3rd month, both of them started to vomit and seems so lethargic which scares me. I rushed them to a veterinary clinic and after some series of tests, both of them were positive for Canine ParvoVirus — a contagious virus affecting dogs. 2 days after, my furry friends are gone.

It was a long process of grief, sadness, and fear for their parents. Since then I sometimes think of not having a furry friend anymore just to save myself from another heartbreak. 3 months after, same reason — for the second time, Bochog’s gone.

Writing this is so hard. Recounting those experiences, I can’t help to blame myself. It was my fault and negligence, but I know that I did everything for them. But I have to move forward and be happy since Madison, their Mom who’s now 6-year-old is still with me.

To my furry friend – Bochog, Luna, and Bailey…

I can still clearly recall the moment you decided to run free at that rainbow. To lose the three of you in just a year was one of the most painful things I have had to surpass in my entire life. I couldn’t accept the fact that I lost friends whom I trust the most.

This may sound so dramatic but it was so painful. Receiving texts from your doctor telling you that you’re gone is so painful just as losing someone you loved the most. 

Looking at the three of you being wrapped and placed in a black bag is not what I expected to see. However, I hope you’re all happy up there. I hope all of you are happily running on that rainbow, meeting new friends, and playing all together. I miss you three, xoxo.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

And to those fur parents like me who lost their furry friends, I know how hard and painful it is. But, I do hope you’ll find the brighter side of losing them. Just as how colorful their new home is — I hope you’ll be happy for your friend up there.

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