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A Week Into Being a Fur Parent: Our Experience with Tyler

A Week Into Being a Fur Parent: Our Experience with Tyler

Adopting a new pet is always an exciting and memorable experience. Our journey began a week ago when we welcomed Tyler, our new kitten, into our home. It has been a fun and wild ride since she came, and we couldn’t be happier to have her in our lives.

Planning and preparation

Before Tyler arrived, we made sure we had all the necessary supplies, including a litter box, food and water bowls, and a temporary house for her to stay in. We also took her to the vet on the first day to ensure she was healthy and get her started on flea treatment and vitamins.

The first bath

Tyler’s first bath was also on her first day with us. We made sure to use warm water and cleaned her well. Luckily, she was a sweetheart and didn’t put up a fight during her bath time.

Potty training

The first poop and pee is always chaotic when it comes to new pets, and Tyler was no exception. But with patience and a strong stomach, we were able to help her learn to use the litter box. After she did her business, we put her poop in the litter box to familiarize her with its scent. This worked like a charm, and Tyler has been using the litter box ever since.

Adjusting to our home

It’s only been a week, but Tyler has already made herself quite comfortable in our home. In fact, we think she might have gotten the wrong idea that she’s our master and we’re her servants! She’s been sleeping in our bed like a queen and claiming our furniture as her own. We know that sooner or later, our favorite leather chair will be full of her scratches, but we don’t mind.

We love having Tyler around, and we’re excited for all the memories we’ll make together as a family.

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