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How Inigo Pascual treats his fans is probably the sweetest thing ever

How Inigo Pascual treats his fans is probably the sweetest thing ever

Filipino actor and singer Inigo Pascual is an example of an amazing performer. Just last June 25, Inigo dropped the music video of Neverland. He also dropped his second album OPTIONS which also has twelve tracks: Options, Lost, Love U Right, Danger, Catching Feelings, Neverland, Should Be Me, Always, First Impressions, Not Him, Ride, and OMW (Stripped). Aside from his great songs, Inigo’s fans love him because of the way he treats them. He doesn’t consider them as fans and he acts like a close friend to them.

How Inigo Pascual treats his fans is probably the sweetest thing ever

Daisy Maquirang

TikTok content creator Daisy Maquirang is one of Inigo’s lucky fans. Every fan meeting she has ever attended, Inigo would always give her warm and tight hugs. Daisy is a great dancer and she had done a lot of covers. One of her unforgettable moments would his first digital concert, Inigo’s Playground. While performing, he had spotted Daisy who knew the choreography step-by-step. He invited her to go on stage and performed Live Life Brighter together.

Inigo performing with a fan
Facebook | One Music PH

Mhiya Jasmine Lopez

Inigo is also a funny guy that always spills crazy jokes with fans. He always talks to them comfortably and expresses how thankful he is for them. Mhiya Jasmine Lopez is another fan. During Inigo’s concerts and events, Mhiya was almost always present. How can she not? When Inigo noticed her, he went to her area, hugged her, and asked how she was doing. Mhiya remembered one event when she wanted to take pictures with him. However, instead of the normal poses that celebrities usually do with their fans, he struck funny poses and ended up with a lot of wacky photos. But, of course, these photos are the sweetest.

Inigo with a fan
Instagram | @itsmiagiron_

Irish Macalacad

Then, there’s Irish Macalacad who has been Inigo’s fan since 2014. She always visits Inigo’s set or makeup room whenever possible. She loves to give Inigo surprise visits. And every time she did that, Inigo always has these cute and sweet reactions. One of Inigo’s habits towards his fans is hugging them, kissing their foreheads, and telling them silly jokes. She’s one of the fans who got to experience those with Inigo.

Inigo with a fan
Instagram | @immaureen_irish

Aside from that, you might also notice that whenever Inigo performs at ASAP or at a company concert, he always goes to the side where his fans sat. 

He always looks for them and when he finally spots them, he stays there with a genuine smile and waves at them. Just the sweetest! Another thing that amazed me about Inigo? He allows time to meet his fans every after a shoot or after his event. Then treat them to somewhere to eat together and have some conversations. Isn’t that amazing?

Inigo’s success comes with his great talent and his heart for his fans. Unfortunately, we cannot do that for now because of the pandemic. However, social media helps where Inigo and his fans can still interact. Hoping this pandemic will soon end. Until then, we can do the things we love and the things we miss the most. May it be with your family, friend, your special someone, or with your idols.

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