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‘Never Have I Ever Season 2’ hits a little too close to home

‘Never Have I Ever Season 2’ hits a little too close to home

Never Have I Ever revolves around Devi, an Indian-American high school student dealing with the death of her father. Although this was supposed to be a comedy series that should uplift my spirits, I will admit that the first episode of the first season made me tear up. We learned that Devi’s father passed away while she played some kind of string instrument onstage. Clearly, this teenage girl was having a hard time dealing with her father’s death. And, to be honest, I kind of relate.

Never Have I Ever has always hit a little too close to home

When I was eleven, my dad dropped me off at school even while he was suffering from a huge headache. He went home and from my mother’s account, he had suffered a stroke. I didn’t have any idea what was happening and when I called home to ask my Papa to pick me up from school, my sister answered and told me that he was rushed to the hospital. I panicked and freaked out right then and there. The next day, he was comatose. Then, a few days later, he passed away.

Devi having some sort of fantasy dream with her dad giving her a piece of advice that she needed to hear had happened to me before.

So, to say that Never Have I Ever has always hit a little too close to home would be an understatement. My heart physically cringes watching how relatable this character is. During the first episode of the first season alone, we see how Devi likes being in control of things. I mean, she even tries to control her friends and who they should date. And, when things don’t go according to plan… she rages. Although I cannot relate to Devi’s desperation to lose her virginity, I did find a few ways to rebel.

I find Devi so relatable that I feel disappointed with what she had done in the second season of Never Have I Ever

Juggling two guys? Been there, done that. I find it hard to believe that she thought it was. a good idea. I mean, dammit, why is this show too relatable? She’s brown, I’m brown. She’s having a hard time dealing with her dad’s death. And, here I am, even after more than a decade, I still find it hard to deal with the thoughts of my dad. It’s like the perfect show if I want to look back on my childhood and feel like I want to smack my head on the table.

The thing is, in the end, there are three people who are going to get hurt – and I stand corrected, as I write this, I just saw Paxton get hit by a freaking car. And, yes, I am writing this in real-time. And, now, she kinda feels threatened by the fact that people might find this new student cooler than her. This new student is another Indian girl. But, the difference between them? Aneesa is effortlessly cool.




Aneesa and Devi had a bond due to the fact that they were both Indians. However, the moment she saw Aneesa flirting with Devi, that bond broke. So, when she went to her therapist who told her to handle stressful situations in a mature and rational way, I was kind of happy for her. However, when she revealed a secret that Aneesa had been hiding, my hope for her went to shit.

Sure, she may be a teenager, but these mistakes are so disappointing. She promised Paxton she would help him study and she didn’t. She started a rumor and acted as if she didn’t do anything wrong. Devi’s mistakes overshadowed her growth from the first season. So, when she dressed up as a white nerd and came clean about her mistakes, it really brought me back to hoping that this show could shine a light on her improvement and how she could mature even more.

Devi’s fear of forgetting her father was one of the most accurate things stated in this second season. 

As a girl who had always had a close relationship with her dad, I fear that I might forget what he sounds like. And, since I didn’t have any recording device that could help me remember, I forgot his voice. I knew how he looked like when he laughs – I have pictures. But, I have forgotten how his laughs sound like. So, to see this fear shown on a TV series that revolves around this character and her journey through grief really shot an arrow into my chest.

As I watch the last episode of this season, all I can say is: she chose the wrong guy.

Paxton had only given her the bare minimum and never really exerted any effort to be with her. Sure, he climbs trees to make out with her. But, so what? He didn’t drive all the way to Malibu to catch up with her mom and cousin before they spread her father’s ashes and stay in the car to make sure she was okay. But, I kinda understand Devi. She thought Ben had moved on with Aneesa. So, she thought she could do the same. I chose wrong, too, and ended up heartbroken. Plus, it was still obvious that Paxton didn’t want to be seen with her at the dance. I think he just kinda felt guilty that he blew her off after she helped him achieve a long-time goal.

So, I guess, let’s wait for the third season? I sound so unsure and disappointed, lol. But, here I am, desperate for another season of Never Have I Ever… already! 

Photos from Never Have I Ever Season 2 Trailer on YouTube.
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