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How Avatar: The Way of Water Will Orchestrate Future Sequels

How Avatar: The Way of Water Will Orchestrate Future Sequels

After a tedious 13 years, director James Cameron finally released Avatar: The Way of Water following the first film, Avatar which was released in 2009. The blockbuster sequel was released in cinemas in 2022 and has surpassed the staggering $2 billion global box office. It is also confirmed that the recent movie outperformed Avengers: Endgame in India and has surpassed Spider-Man: No Way Home as the highest-grossing film since the pandemic.

Following its success, the film has a lot of loopholes that may be grounds for the future of three forthcoming sequels. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Avatar: The Way of Water – A Briefer

Photo | Jake & Neytiri’s family | Discovering Pandora

The film’s timeline is set more than a decade after Avatar‘s events. It also shifted in the landscape, where it focused on the new family of the two protagonists, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), who took shelter in the coastal Metkayina clan (the reef people) because they are being chased by the RDA.

Photo | The Metkayina Clan | Avatar Wiki

Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) of the RDA who is supposed to be deceased after the first film, had his memories uploaded in a cloned avatar body to resume the mission to kill Jake Sully. Quaritch being reborn becomes the main conflict of the movie.

Photo | Colonel Quaritch | Digital Spy

Possible Clues for the Upcoming Sequels

Kiri’s paternity and ability

Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), the adoptive daughter of Jake and Neytiri, is the biological daughter of Dr Grace Augustine‘s avatar body. She referred to Grace as her ‘mom’ a few times in the movie. The unanswered question now is her conception and biological father who remains unknown.

Photo | Kiri | Forbes

From a young age, Kiri has an impressive connection with Eywa, the Pandoran deity. She said she can feel her presence and hear her breathing. Unlike other forests Na’vi, she has stronger adaptability underwater and successfully bonded with an Ilu for her first time. Not only that, but she can also control Pandoran creatures, a mystery open to the audience’s theories about Kiri’s true nature.

Photo | Kiri controlling Pandoran creatures | Forbes


As introduced in the recent movie, the tulkuns are intelligent marine creatures that resemble whales. Their ability can surpass human brains, indulging in culture, mathematics, music, and poetry. They even have linguistic skills which can be understood by the Metkayina people.

The movie shows the RDA hunting these tulkuns and extracting a yellow liquid from its brain glands, which was said to stop human aging. Hence, the subject of immortality and tulkun extinction may set the floor for the other sequels. Especially now that Avatar 4’s rumored title is Avatar: The Tulkun Rider.

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Photo | Lo’ak with a tulkun named Payakan | Discussing Film

Colonel Miles Quaritch

As if he rose from the grave, Quaritch is very much alive and kicking in his new blue body. In fact, Cameron said that Avatar sequels would have the same characters and no new villains. We don’t know if he’s teasing a clue, but Quaritch has survived two movies so far.

Photo | Colonel Quaritch as a Na’vi | Slash Film

From greed in the first movie and revenge in the second, the only thing that may change is his remorse. So, it seems that it would be the same villain hunting the Na’vis but in different territories (who knows, maybe even on Earth).

Another thing is his development potential since the recent movie showed that Quaritch has a son named Spider (Jake Champion). There could be a crack in his demeanor, or it could lead to another route for the franchise. However it goes, the future sequels’ releases are already decided (and we’re watching!).

Photo | Spider | Polygon

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