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Avatar Studios to film 3 flicks after topping Netflix

Avatar Studios to film 3 flicks after topping Netflix

Photo: Nickelodeon

Every millennial and Gen Z knows the Avatar franchise. Our generations fell in love with it in 2005. Every young kid knows today that bald guy with an arrowhead who came to save the world. And now, the Avatar world is here to stay and show us more stories to inspire old and new generations of fans.

Avatar: a 21st century TV icon

Photo: Nickelodeon

Avatar The Last Airbender was a big hit during the 2000s. Kids around the world will flock to their screens whenever it is on air.

The series features an alternate world inspired by East Asian, Inuit, and Native American cultures where countries are separated by four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Once in every century, the master of all elements is born: the Avatar. They are tasked to maintain balance and fight evil.

2008, the series ends with record-breaking TV ratings. The fans move on, watch replays until 2012. In that year, The Legend of Korra starts airing on Nick. It received a renewed love for the series and more fans. But it did not surpass the hype the first series brought.

For years the two series will have reruns on Nick and other international channels. Some fans watch them but the hype is not the same anymore.

Netflix Rebirth

Photo: Nickelodeon

Netflix has been a staple streaming service since mid-2010 but demands grew during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then in May 2020, Avatar The Last Airbender tops Netflix viewership. All of a sudden, kids and kids at heart are talking about Aang again. The series was one of the Top 10 content on Netflix for 60 days and peaked at number one for a week.

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From a Franchise to a Studio

After being a Netflix hit and leaving the live-action series adaptation of the hit animated series, Avatar creators Bryan Konietzko and Dante DiMartini set up the Avatar Studios.

Recently, Avatar Studios announces three major film releases for the decade. There are rumors that the films will feature Avatar Kyoshi, Korra, and the life of Zuko. Whatever those films are about, fans like me are excited to see them.

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